Sunday, February 25, 2007

American Airlines Lost My Dog Faith

Wow! If I even began to try and tell you all that was going through my head it would take several blogs. I can't begin. So, go to my website and read the latest news articles - or by the time you read this they may be older. I'll be safe in saying you can google the information on line. Just type in "American Airlines Loses Faith the Dog" and you'll see the hundreds of blogs and stories about it. I was so scared for several hours that I became sick to my stomach. I ate very little at the restaurant when American gave me a voucher to do so. I was hurt that they were so careless, but tried to be optimistic...afterall, her entire story is about having FAITH! I couldn't possibly give up hope. I prayed and I prayed. As I was actually talking to God I was overwhelmed with a warm feeling that it was all going to be OK. It took a few hours longer, but she was finally delivered from wherever it was that they shipped her to, and she was happy to see me. She was very stressed, anxious, excited, and she was exhausted when we made it to the hotel. She just collapsed and slept 10 hours straight through.

It was hard to forgive American Airlines, but I have forgiven...but I am not willing to forget. They will have to bend over backwards and even do a few flips to impress me now. I'll let my attorney Anita F. Sanders handle it, she's a great lawyer and will know exactly what to do for the business end of Faith - Faith is a multi-purpose dog. She's a family pet of course, but she does have a potential earning power as well - there's no getting around it. She is going to be in movies, do shows, and be seen by millions very soon. She is loved of course, we do spoil the dickens out of her daily - and we expect her to be as happy as she has always been. We give her everything she could ever ever ever want, and she gives back even more!

Thanks to EVERYONE who prayed and hoped for her return and those of you who wished us well, and talked to us in the airports, the stores, the restaurants! We thank you all. You are all so very very kind - oh, and yes, there was one woman who said I was cruel, nasty and mean for letting her live in the first place, but I just said a little prayer for her, and I hope she gets over her fatalistic depressive attitude soon. Afterall, Faith is just too wonderful to even consider being without! She's a miracle and thank JESUS she is mine. (But I'll share! LOL)

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