Friday, February 16, 2007

Bumped Off Letterman!

What a disappointment!

From my sources I hear all the time that David Letterman wants to meet my dog Faith. We have been invited a number of times to be on the show, but it was always for Stupid Pet Tricks, and what Faith does is simply not stupid, nor is it a trick. So, we were contacted last week and asked to be a part of the Monday line up because Michael Richards was going to apologize, and Jerry Seinfeld was going to be there to help with that, and it would be a good thing to have a little happy moment too! Afterall, what Faith does is happy, uplifting, fun, and inspirational....she breaks the ice, she makes you smile, she helps to heal the broken hearts and souls out there that need a little encouragement.

We went to the studio that night, Monday November 20, and we walked through the line saying hello to everyone, stopping for photos, and getting as much love and as many kisses as possible. We were directed to go to the back to the doors for the stage...and there we met up with 30-40 maybe 50 photographers and reporters all waiting for Jerry to show up. Which he did, and after a few minutes of the photographers preferring to snap pictures of Faith over Jerry, well....we were asked NOT to come into the studio for the show. How sad is that?I can't say with certainty WHO had us bumped, but it wasn't David, we know that much. We were guaranteed through a mutual acquaintance the next day that he was disappointed that she wasn't on the show afterall. We left our contact information at the Skyline Hotel on 49th and 10th Ave just incase he wanted to contact us for Tuesday. (Do you like the way I sort of plugged the Skyline? Great hotel!)

No calls came in, so I spent Tuesday answering my cell from about 30 people in the media who had contacts in the group of reporters. I told them I didn't know what was happening. I wasn't about to say Jerry Seinfeld told them NOT to let us on the show...that would be premature and ignorant of me. I also didn't want to say that we would not be on that night...I didn't know. As it turns out, we were officially bumped. No one will admit to who it was that said no, but the blame is being absorbed by the executive producer, so we'll go with that. The next day, my birthday, was spent in and out, off and on the set of Law & Order, as they were filming in the hotel...the SKYLINE on 49th and 10th Ave...same one. I won't be on the show, but everyone loved Faith...everyone....everyone.....I have to say this because it would be wrong not to, but Milena Govich is a gorgeous woman! She's from Oklahoma you know...I wanted to yell "Boomer" to see if she would call back "Sooner" as she's actually obligated by birth to do so, but it would have gotten the crew up a I didn't.

Jesse L. Martin is without a doubt the best looking man I have ever hugged. EVER. He is so sweet, so kind, and a little taken by Faith. He had a great big smile on his face when he came over to see her many times.The cast of L&O couldn't have been nicer. Everyone of them...all 200 I think. They were so nice, and when they kicked me out of my room, my hotel, the lobby, the sidewalk, the park, the public street....they smiled! We were always underfoot and didn't mean to be. Crowds were gathering wherever I set Faith down, so you can imagine. Although, the director told me he would hire us to distract the crowds at some point. I may take him up on that. I know that Faith will be in movies soon, probably in commercials too, but I would love for the writers of L&O to write up a little something-something about a former famous comedian getting whacked in Hell's Kitchen by a crazed author who was suppose to be on the Letterman Show but was bumped for his apology! They could use her famous dog to figure out that she only spoke with the jerk, and that the concierge (Norman) actually offed the man for getting his lobby muddy!Hahahaha.....Happy reading and writing to you all. Hugs and kisses from Faith.

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