Friday, February 16, 2007


Media Coverage on Faith the Dog - Not a complete list by any means.

Hey, this is really cool! Who knew that 2006 would be the year of the DOG literally? Faith has been seen on Montel, Oprah, Inside Edition, ET, Letterman, talked about on many others, (I'm told Ellen) and others. She's been in countless magazines, newspapers, on TV stations across the world, and over the national and international airwaves through radio interviews with me and/or my kids. She's just been everywhere.

We started the year off with a bang, and are ending it with a fine trip to Panama City, FL last week where we were on WJHG-TV Channel 7. (On to NYC next) In fact, if I made a little list of the business cards I collected from the places we were performing this year, it would look like this: (I'll miss a few)
Brown Gravy Entertainment - Dallas, TX
Texas Outdoor Expo - Grapevine, TX
Grapevine Mall - Grapevine, TX
News Channel 5 WEWS-TV - Cleveland, OH
Oprah Winfrey Show - Chicago, IL
Montel Williams Show - New York City, NY
FUSE - New York City, NY
Letterman (We tried), NYC, NY
Law & Order (They were cool) we didn't get on the show, we hung out - NYC, NY
63 different Starbucks all over the country _think about that number - 63 in one year.
Olde Towne Book Faire - Martinburg, WV
Barnes & Noble, Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City University Book Fair - Oklahoma City
Oklahoman, the Edmond Outlook, various other OK newspapers
Animal Attractions, PineRidge TV - Jacksonville, FL
Animal Planet (Go Onix!)
Inside Edition - NYC, and Los Angeles
Paws of Ohio - Cleveland, OH
Ft. Lewis - Seattle, WA
Ft. McChord - Seattle, WA
Carswell - Ft. Worth, TX
Humane Society of Bay County - Panama City, FL
WTFN-TV, Sydney Australia
Norman Public Schools, Norman, OK
Edmond Public Schools, Edmond, OK
Skyline Hotel, NYC, NY
and too many radio stations to think about mentioning.

Oprah's producers had us on May 19, July 12, and in October due to the many requests from viewers. YouTube told us she was one of the most watched videos on their site, as did AOL and Yahoo videos. I know she's going to show up tomorrow (Friday Dec. 22, 2006) on VH1 Best of Web Junk, and she's been on other "best of" shows all week. Some people think she is the most talked about animal in Hollywood..and she's not even IN Hollywood yet. We DO have an agent now. I won't say her name until we sign the contracts, but we'll be in Hollywood this year with Faith. I know that! What am I trying to say? Well....thank you! Thank you to the producers, the publishers, the people who wanted to put her on their shows, the people who wanted to put her on the magazines and newspapers...from Martinsburg, WV to the NY Post...thank you. I hope to see every single one of you again....and it's nice to think that Anderson Cooper may show up at my door soon to see Faith...bring it! Oh, and this year we'll be traveling with Jon Provost of Lassie, and doing USO tours, book signings, and Faith's going to be in her own movie!

Yes, God is so cool!

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