Friday, February 16, 2007

My Favorite Christmas Present!

Reuben is Coming Home Soon!

Oh, my heart is beginning to flutter, and to pound at the same time. My baby boy, Pvt. Reuben A. Stringfellow, of the U.S. Army is coming home for the holidays in just 20 days. (Dec. 19) and he'll be able to stay with us for about 2 1/2 week. I love my son! I really didn't know the Army had such a heart, but they do. They even have a sense of humor at times....I wrote to my son's Drill Sgt. to let them know that he wouldn't break if they wanted to run him a little more, or give him a few extra assignments. It's not something every mother would do to their son, but I know mine. When he played football for his high school team (could've been a walk on at Oklahoma University, but went to the Army) I used to tell his coachs to run him harder, hit him harder, make him work a bit longer. He needed it, the team needed him to be the best he could be, and I believed that it would make him that much better. I told them I had paid good money for my son's bruises!

My Baby Boy is absolutely beautiful. Bruises and all. Of course the Army Drill Sgts made him run an extra mile after their PTs, of course they told the plattoon to watch as "Baby Boy" worked out a little longer. They loved it! He wrote home asking me to stop writing to his Drill Sgts...but he laughed too.Reuben is the original owner and rescuer of our dog Faith. Faith is the world's only two-legged bi-pedal dog (that we know of) and has her own website at I hope you are able to visit it, and understand a little more about the soul of a boy that would jump a fence at night to help save the life of a precious little furry dog in need.My son is coming home!!!! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you.

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