Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dreaming of NYC Again!

It's always Manhattan! I'm simply going to have to get a few more trips in so I can take in Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx every now and then - I only dream about Manhattan, and even then the dream almost always includes parts of Central Park as well as Times Square - both very key to my heart.

Last night I didn't see the insides of my eyelids until way past 3:30 in the morning. I was blogging, talking on MySpace, checking e-mail, doing itenieraries for my traveling - finally I grabbed the headphones and turned on the MP3. Now, just yesterday I had downloaded a few more CDs because my little 5 GB player is only 1/2 full and I wanted more songs to listen to and to play with. Play with? What do you mean? Well, I do a thing with my MP3 player that rivals the hell out of the Magic 8 Ball (Registered Trademark). I ask a really juicy question, pump the song selector and allow the shuffle on my MP3 to come up with a title which 98.7% of the time will equate to an answer. Here's my question from last night that just cracked me up.

"MP3" (I call it MP3 for lack of a better name. Funny, I named a house I don't live in yet, but I still call my MP3 by it's technical and generic name!) I asked "MP3...after the surgeries, after the healing, after the shopping spree - what do you think I should do with my new self?" and the answer came back - "Take Me Back" by .38 Special! I had to laugh. How great was that? So, I go to sleep - dream and I dream and I dream. This time - NYC....again.

Faith and I were in a building, it was black, it was older, it was tall. I pushed the elevator button and got on - it took us to the penthouse. I don't know why, but it wasn't locked. The doors hung open, and we walked in. I think I was thinking about renting or buying it. I walked around uninvited and unescorted. It wasn't well decorated, but my stuff wasn't there either, so it wasn't mine yet. I had all sorts of plans for it, in my mind I could see my things, but I knew they were not there at that time. The bathroom walls were lime green. Something my daughters would appreciate, and I decided to leave them that color after I bought the thing. The toilet had not been flushed, I flushed it. I closed the lid of the toilet, washed my hands, and came out to see what Faith had found. She had found a girl!

Rachel was about 20, she was a bit surprised to see us, but she showed us a great deal more hospitality than I would have shown an intruder. She let us stay - she loved Faith, and she wanted us to go to her building's indoor playground to see the kids. Faith was running, jumping, skipping, and colliding with 10-20 kids, sliding down the big plastic slides and diving into the balls. She was really having a great time. I looked out the window and watched the iceskaters at Rockefeller Square, and I remember thinking the little girl with Rachel was too old to be her biological daughter, must be a sister. Where were the parents? I realized it was me! I was going to be taking care of them. That's why she was being so inviting. She had wanted us to show up.

Rachel took her big pink backpack and headed off to work. I wasn't sure how I would be telling her that I would not be her mom. I would be buying the place, but not keeping her - or would I? I bet I would! I know me. So, in my dream I pulled out the MP3 player and I asked " I'm going to keep Rachel and the little girl too?" The answer - Phil Collins "Jesus, He Knows Me" - Wow! I can't get away from my self in my dreams either. That's OK...I woke up and wrote this down on paper, looked it up and am very satisfied with the interpretations I found online. I'm moving in the right directions - I have my priorities in line. I am still loving, caring, giving, and sharing, so the new money, fortune, fame -whatever you call it, will not affect my soul. I will remain the person I am. That's good. I have to admit, I like me.

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