Friday, February 16, 2007

Dreaming Again!

In reality I went to several stores this week and found a few carvings, metal plates, decorative things that have the word DREAM in script, block lettering, different colors, some really interesting and I'm going to have to pick one or more for my new bedroom - I am dreaming! I am having the best times. Jesus is just so freaking cool to me right now.

Dreaming that you're climbing up the side of a condo that looks so shabby it could be in a sci-fi film is bad enough, but on the way up the wall (yes, up the exterior) I saw myself passing a group of guys about 20-24 years old , partying, playing, having a great time. They lived on the 2nd floor, and they were hanging out the window in buckets being pulled up by their friends while I just kept climbing and climbing. I found a rod to hold on to, a brick, you know. I made it to the window, got in, and there it was: My 5th Avenue Manhattan Apartment's interior. The thought hit me: If I can afford this, why can't I get a ladder?

I often ask myself questions when I'm dreaming. Sort of in a 1/2 state I guess.After I ran around dressing in the apartment I left to go to Hawaii, it was just around the corner in my dream, and like a subway, I took the local beach! Yes, I got on the beach, and sand feet carried me to Hawaii. On the way I saw the ocean waves running (feet again) back and forth from me. The beach waved at me with hands when the water receded. I waved back. I noticed that I was the ONLY person on the beach being rained on but I was not alone. I asked the guy who was suddenly dancing with me, and jumping over the feet and waving hands why he wasn't being rained on. He just smiled that Italian smile, and said "I don't know, you're turn I guess." He was right. After reading 3 separate online dream interpreters I have come to this conclusion about the Ground Hog Day dream - It was clearly after 2:00 a.m. when I had the dream.

INTERPRETATION: I am on my way to the top. I have been poor and shabby for simply far too long. I have been working my butt off to do this sort of thing for years now, and I am passing so many others who tend to laugh, party, and just hang out. I am making something of my life, and I do deserve to be rewarded...IT IS MY TURN Mr. Smiley-Face! You are correct! (Or rather your dream character was - he was really cute too, he was wearing dark khaki pants rolled up, and an open white button down....oh, but I digress). Seeing the interior vs the exterior of my life proved the thoughts of my heart and head vs that of my outward appearance at the moment. Getting dressed and going to Hawaii? Easy - I was preparing myself to relax, to be happy, and to feel at leisure about my new life? Taking the beach to get there? Another easy one: The beach in a dream shows the two states of your mind, your Ego and your Id. They meet. There is harmony with the two, and it's working out. The rain? Oh, I love this! Seeing rain falling is one thing, it shows grace and mercy. But having it fall only on you in a dream symbolizes that you are being cleansed for a reason...I was on my way to relaxation! I'm almost there too. Just a week or so, and my book(s) will be purchased by a top NYC publisher, (Manhattan Apt) and I will be able to be the author I know I was meant to already, but not rewarded for. What an awesome awesome dream. I'm happy to share it with you

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