Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What A Girl Puts In Her Purse ***

I was on the phone the other day with a really hot, young Italian stud - I had to say that - he's in Miami, working for Moving Costs -kid's name is Nicholas J. (We'll leave it at that, too many phone calls is just a personal annoyance.) NJ was helping me figure out the cost of moving my stuff to Chicago, when we decided it would be best to let me give the girls everything I own now, and just start over. We were talking about me being able to find a pen in my purse, and I must have laughed about something else that I did find - because his comment to the fact was "Hey, what a girl puts in her purse, well, you know - that's personal. I won't touch a woman's purse. I'd be killed!" Made me laugh. It also made me turn my purse upside down to see what all I had been subjected to through my girls adding and subtracting from my purse over a period of about a week.

Let's see: The first thing that just sticks out, and always gets in the way is the wallet - no biggie, but it does house over 40 Starbucks cards, I collect them. I don't collect credit cards, but I do collect Starbucks swipe-cards and from time to time I have to have the most unlucky of baristas go through them and tell me which ones actually have currency on them and which ones I can relocate to the box marked "no money cards" in my house where I keep the other 40 or so cards that I've been lucky enough to hide from the vultures.

I found a small bottle of Exederin Migraine, gotta keep that, normal things, papers, pens, caps for pens, caps for lipsticks without the lipsticks, and of course money - at the bottom of a woman's purse you should be able to find enough coinage to feed the family for the weekend to come. That's more or less a guideline - not a rule. But, some of the more interesting things I found in my purse - and I've been carrying these things on or near my person are: Pure Instinct cologne enhancement - geared to attract men (Caity). Cigars that look like brown pencils, hidden in one of the zipper compartments (Caity). A 1GB memory card for a playstation or something like one (Laura), a microphone cord - you always need one of those (Laura), and a razor blade - the old type, and God help the kid that thought of putting that in my purse! It went straight to the trash can, and we're going to have the "You-could've-killed-me" speech when they get home from work.

Yeah, I guess what a woman has hidden in her purse could be private enough that she didn't want to share it with the world per se - I also found a lens for a pair of sunglasses that I never owned. Business cards, and personal telephone numbers to people I have never been introduced to - and a note that simply reads "The Factory" and the address of said place. I think it's a teen-club - I could drive by, I use Mapquest rather well.

After thinking about it - I've decided to buy a little padlock and every time I set my purse down I'm going to close it, zipping it up really really tightly, and just locking the dang thing so I don't have to worry about my fingers bleeding, my phone ringing, men following my scent, or whether or not the lipstick thief will return my wares - I doubt she does - she's evil to the core, that one.
Makes me wonder about my glove compartment now - oh my gosh, what about my closet? You don't think there's any contraband there do you?

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