Friday, June 1, 2007

Cops and Car Tags!

What is it with these people in blue? You drive a car without insurance the police can't detect that. You drive a car without owning it - they never know, but drive a car with an expired tag and they're all over you! I was clever though - you know I was. I took MY tag off of MY car and put my son's tag on it - - for about a minute. Then that CHRISTIAN thing sets in, and I think to myself "I can't do this! I'll get caught for sure." Probably not, but you know - even if the men in blue don't get me I still have to answer to Jesus. He's got that omnipresent thing going on.

So, I inch my way to the city of Edmond from my house and go pull up in the parking lot of the post office really hoping my post office box is full of money. I do that, I hope a lot. Most of the time I'm hoping - most of the time I'm left standing there with magazines, bills, letters from fans of my dog - no money. Today I had money! YEA! First things first, get to the bank - get the car insurance updated (expired the 31st and this is the 1st) - get the tag (you can't get the tag without the insurance, lovely catch 22) - get the great feeling you get for being completely legal and in compliance with the law. That didn't happen.

Outside the post office was a uniformed police officer waiting for the owner of the little silver Ford Focus wagon parked in the post office parking lot without an updated tag. Can you believe it? I couldn't. I didn't even have the advance of knowing this one - Caity hadn't met him yet under duress. Usually I can spot a cop, wave, apologize for the kid and move on. Not this time. Hello Dear Sir, I began my conversation. "I swear to you, to the Lord, and both of our mothers that I am literally ON MY WAY to the bank to deposit this" and I held out the check "So that I can go to the insurance company and get my new card, and then to the tag agency to get the new sticker - would you like to follow me?" No. He said. You can't drive the car without insurance, and you can't drive the car without a tag. problem. The bank is about 2 miles from the post office, the insurance office another 2 from the bank. The tag agency is just around the corner from the post office, and after a little rainy trek - that took 3 hours....I'm in compliance.

No, the cop was NOT there when I got back. Yes, I could have awoken my brats to get on their moped and do the three errands for me, but what's a little calorie burning? I needed the walk - gave me time to think about why I'm such an idiot in the first place. I guarantee you, if I had waited the guy out - he would have left in 10-12 minutes. You just never know. But, at least I do KNOW that I didn't get a ticket. He couldn't cite me because I didn't actually own up to owning the car. I told him I was driving it. He asked me who owned it. I told him I was an American, and I was pleading the 5th. He even asked me what the 5th was - and the teacher came out in me for about another minute. It felt good.

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