Friday, June 1, 2007


Hey, I was informed that some people don't know what a Keynote Speaker is. It's sort of like a motivational speaker - we are usually the "headliner" if you will - thus the KEY part of the word "Keynote". I don't think I know why the 'note' part is on the word, because it's more like a novelette as opposed to a simple note. When I talk I lose all track of time and have a really nice designated watch person to nod her/his head at me, and vigorously point to their watch - the international sign for "You're running out of time".

Here is a link to one of the places I spoke recently. That may give you an idea of what it is that I do - hey, and if you were thinking about hiring someone to be at your next corporate sales motivational seminar, military support gathering, an inspirational power conference, or even an educational function where you'd need a person with enough guts to lay it on the line for the administration when you can't do so - please, feel free to call me!


The Brevard County gig was so much fun. The circumstances were somber, yes, and we were honoring (among others) a beautiful soul by the name of Kathy King who had recently passed away - Kathy was the reason I was invited to speak at their national Victims Rights Week conference, she felt that my story of struggle, acceptance and empowerment over circumstances warranted calling me and setting it up so that I would be the keynote speaker for not only Brevard County, but Seminole County in Orlando, Florida as well. I had the BEST of times - let me assure you.

Faith goes with me usually when I speak, but she's beginning to find a new event horizon with my daughter (her owner) Laura. Laura, now 18, is a professional singer, a songwriter, a speaker in her own right for teen issues and she's quite the little survivor of the same issues I speak of with one very distinct difference; Laura and her sister Caity were actually physically kidnapped and tortured emotionally and sometimes physically by their father. They have stories to tell that I can't even hardly relate to. Faith has been such an inspiration and (key) help to them. It was best to let Laura fly with her new wings.

So, speaking seems to be in the blood - I write, Caity writes, Reuben writes, Laura does write - but not books or poems. She's into anime episodes and little stories. I speak, the girls speak - Reuben....well, he burps well.

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