Thursday, June 7, 2007


So many people have actually recorded SWAY ME, and they all do such a lovely job, however - and you should know that I'm 100% biased - my daughter Laura's version is the best one out there. Now, I have to preface this by saying that the version that she has recorded was recorded with the - Pussycat Dolls - being in the background. It was one of those Karaoke style CDs without the lead voice - you add your own voice to it, and you have a friend record it on their computer - it just so happens that the friend is a professional mixer, so it sounds awesome.

You can find Laura's SWAY ME at and do a little search on the LEFT side of the screen. You click the link and listen! She's absolutely incredible. I encourage the entire world to take a listen to my daughter - you'll want to sign her up, I'm quite sure of it. OK, enough of the pride thing, but you know what - professionals have called me today just hours after the MP3 file was uploaded, to say they were impressed. Of course they are, who wouldn't be? Laura is so gorgeous, and talented, tall, beautiful - OK, OK...but she is! If I had to say what KIND or TYPE of music Laura usually sings, this would be a great example. She's into Christina, Kelly Clarkson, Shikira, Lindsay Lohan, Evanescense - and the Maroon 5, and she's just great!

Go listen! Go..stop reading, go listen!!!

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