Thursday, June 7, 2007

Little Looney Laura!

She's obviously the BLUE Ranger, she's pointing to it. All of her life, Laura has called herself something - "I'm the Blue Ranger", or "I'm Ariel", today she's 18 and calling herself "Asuka" from some anime show - don't ask me which one, the girl has been into Pokemon, Digimon, if you can't pronounce it, she's into it.

Today the woman (hahaha, she's 18, she's legally old) asked me a question that just made me stare at her a little longer than I normally do. I wanted to say "You're a superhero, you figure it out." This girl looked me straight in the face and said "Mommy, if I use my super power to make the others fall on their faces when I'm on American Idol, is that wrong or is that just using my naturally given talents to further myself?" DAMN! I stood there, stopped completely in my tracks and stared at her. "You're auditioning for American Idol?" I asked? Wow, my little girl.

She does sing actually, in fact, she'll be on the Ozzfest tour this summer singing, but don't expect to see her on the stage. She'll be in the side tent just outside the venue from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. doing the Faith the Dog thing, but I know Laura - she'll be packing that iPod and she'll be doing the dance while she emulates Maroon 5, Christina, Shikira, shaking and moving, singing, and grooving - that's my little girl - my old, old, old, and dare I say FAT little girl? That last part was just a jab because she's looking over my shoulder to see what I'm writing. She saw her picture on my blog and automatically assumed I was writing about her - the nerve. I wish I were FAT too. She's what - 5'8", 134 maybe? Cow! (she just hit me - can she do that? Abuse! Abuse!)

Yes, next time you see the iPod commercial with the long haired shadow throwing herself all over the screen you can think about Laura on the tour bus - poor Ozzy, can you imagine? The man has so much to deal with - he shouldn't have to be subjected to the Blue Ranger in full throttle body-heaving to words he can't even hear - bet he asks her to tour again next year too! She'll be an American Idol by then though - probably have to charge him a bit more than she's getting this time for sitting in a tent with a really cool dog.

Laura should have been cast as Luna Lovegood on the Harry Potter series because she thinks she possesses powers to make objects do whatever she wishs. I read about that sort of power and I studied it for about a minute - freaked me out, so I stopped. I do think it's real though, and I do try to practice it when I meditate. I don't move things, but I try to hone in on people that I want to pray for and get right into their hearts and minds so that I can feel what they're feeling - is that stalking? (Stop staring at me, it was a valid question!)

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