Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Wants to Sleep in Seattle?

Well, the answer to the question "Who wants to sleep in Seattle?" would be FAITH. She was such a tired puppy after all the fun she had at the PX and BX and then the Public Market.

We went to Seattle to celebrate Faith's 7th birthday. It won't be until December 22, but we knew we'd have fun going up a little early! The Associated Press came out, they brought Manuel Valquez as a videographer from Seattle. We got to play with him a bit. He's adorable. He said he'd rather cover stories like Faith and the soldiers anyday! He is usually stuck following boring professionals and business situations! Of course it's more fun following a happy-go-lucky mutt with a bunch of soldiers!!

We played at the Ft. Lewis BX with Ultimate Fighter Todd Duffee -- photos coming soon, and we played with the Buffalo JILLS, the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders Alyssa and LaKeisha! WOW are they gorgeous, and YES, LaKeisha is 6'6" I think. They're fun! We took our pictures with these girls and pretended we were Jills too! AS IF!! LOL

We played with soldiers, we played with Airmen. We played with staff from both the BX and the PX, we played with families of the soldiers, and we played with thousands of people at the Public Market including the Fishermen! Caity is in love with one named Ryan, so we had to stop by and have her picture taken with him. It will be loaded soon too, and I'm sure they'll be married and she'll have free sushi at the reception! LOL

We went to the original Starbucks, but we also went to Faith's #579 and #580th Starbucks too. She and I have been to so many stores you'd think Starbucks would want to make us their spokesperson/dog! We'd say yes....if they asked. (Go ahead Starbucks, ask!!)

We truly had the best times again - - as we always do, and I wanted to thank Pat McGhee of the Ft. Lewis PX for hosting us. He took us to an Open House where we met lots of higher ranking soldiers who were having an awards ceremony. Faith met Jason Haynes, the guy who MAKES the challenge coins for the soldiers. He's going to make one JUST for her!! I'll get to pass them out to people who have helped Faith to make it this far in her journey.

We also met up with author and fantastic ghost writer Rudy Yuly!! Photos soon! Rudy and I are writing Faith's book "Faith Walks" and I can't tell you how much fun that was. You meet someone online, you work with them, talk on the phone, get to know each other, but meeting in person!!! That was fun and great and rewarding. He said his ex-sister in law is a dog psychic and she'll be so jealous that he got to meet Faith in person!! I hope to meet her soon too. That will be fun to see what she has to say about Faith's future and maybe she'll let me in on a little secret Faith has been keeping from me all this time! LOL

Well, we had so much fun we didn't sleep that much - - but Faith did. She crashed every night and slept hard! She was of course ready for the fun and frolick of the next day -- and with love for all the OPS staff at the PX including: Meghan, Little Maegan, Elizabeth, Nora, and Mary - - THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for putting up with us, and for going with us, laughing at my jokes - - which is hard sometimes, and for just being great!!

Oh, and thanks to Tom for being so sweet to Caity, Oklahoma's not too far to travel to see a girl, right?

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