Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twisters and Storms = OMG

Why is it that we untouchable humans get the fear of God in us when the weather kicks up a bit? I'm the biggest wussie, bigger than any of them. I have always fallen flat on my face first thing and acknowledged the power of my Almighty God. I'm not about to oh, I don't know, sit on top of a mast and scream at God to bring it on...nope, let Lt. Dan do that, for me it's a bit more like falling to my knees in the closet with the mattress over my head when the winds reach 250 mph and they're 10 miles away. That's me praying and begging God to forgive me for making fun of Sarah Kesler in the 2nd grade! God just has a way of getting to me in a storm.

It was 2003 I think, Laura and I were on our way back from Arnett, Oklahoma, a little community way out West. So far west you could say Eastern Texas Panhandle and still be describing it. The area is KNOWN for being the starting point for whirlwinds that turn into tornadoes. It is just a point on a map, just a little piece of land, but over that land are clouds and winds forming from the weather combining after moving east from the Rockies and North from the Gulf. If you live in Lawton, Oklahoma or Arnett/Gage, Oklahoma, you don't worry so much because the winds only START there - - they move on!

Laura and I were coming home, home was EAST of Arnett -- and so were the winds. My car was moving about 70 mph but the winds, God's winds, decided to pick it up a bit - - they ran closer to 100-110 mph, and within minutes of the radio broadcast alerting drivers to pull over -- we were engulfed. We had baby tornadoes, F1 and F2 factors both behind us and in front of us! We were in the middle and with absolutely NO WHERE to pull over it was up to GOD Himself to keep His winds rolling and spitting around us, I couldn't let the one behind me gain on me, and I couldn't creep up on the one in front of me. Talk about a constant and open means of Divine communication. God and I are on a first name basis of course, but I was actually thinking about letting the 13 year old drive while I confessed everything possible in the passenger seat. I would have too, but she was more interested in praying herself and asking God to help, stop or do something.

When we did finally find a place to pull over it was none to soon. We found a bathroom at a convenience store with a solid metal door. It was open, we could see that from the road. We pulled into the parking lot, jumped out, got into the bathroom, locked the door (as if) and then I pushed baby Laura (13) behind the plumbing of the sink and just laid myself over her. Within minutes the twister behind us had passed us and we were safe to travel again behind the storm, but all the while knowing it was going where we were going. I couldn't reach my other kids because cell towers were down. BACK TO PRAYER! God works better than U.S. Cellular at this point.

When we got home and found my two others in the shelter and safe, coming out of it and eating popcorn - - I thought "Wow, I'm so glad I don't have to convert to Christianity, I'm there." You never hear of anyone begging Satan or anyone else to help them in a storm - - seems like most people understand that these matters are controlled by God. Call me crazy, but I think He just likes to hear from me sometimes...I figure the more I talk to Him BETWEEN the storms the less I have to confess when they do show up. Besides, He know my sins...He made me.

I've read where some people convert to God or faith during a storm - - OK, that's probably good, but what about when the tide is fine and all the clouds look like marshmellows? I'd like to think this would be a good time to thank Him for the day.

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