Friday, December 18, 2009

Humbled and Honored - Thank You

When I was called by Sue Manning of the Associated Press and she asked me a few questions about my dog Faith, I was sure her story would be heartwarming and it would probably be picked up by a few of the papers and television news anchors across the country. I even went so far as to let myself believe that a handful of countries outside of the United States would be picking it up too. I know Faith is popular in Japan, Australia, and the UK for example.

About a year ago I began asking God (yes, I do that, I talk one on one with the Almighty and I actually believe in my heart that He cares about me enough to listen and respond)to help me to understand my mission with Faith. I wanted Him to show me something, and I remember asking Him to bless me, but I added a caveat. I said out loud "God, bless me beyond my imagination" let me see something that I couldn't have foreseen. Well - - that happened.

December 17, 2009 my dog's story as told by Sue Manning over the wire was the #1 story on capital news agencies such as MSNBC and Yahoo! My dog's face (and sadly my non-makeup face LOL) was seen everywhere - EVERYWHERE. What I was most surprised with were the numbers coming out of Russia! RUSSIA!! Who knew? I was floored and I was excited!! WOW - - my web developer was just as shocked. He started spitting out numbers and techy stats at me faster than I could say "I really don't understand a single word you're saying to me right now." I say that a lot to Randall Goya. He's one of those IT guys -- you know, a real geek. Someone I have only dreamed of being - but know my brain would explode if I tried any harder than I do now to "get it". I don't get it.

HUMBLED is the only word I can use, and hey, being a SOONER -- "humble" doesn't come to mind or heart all that often. This has been a very humbling year - - both with football of course, and with my dog. I have just been so amazed at the outpouring of love and the feedback we have been receiving on my site at I say it all the time; when I feel down I just have to look up a few of these comments and know that whatever I may be experiencing at that moment will pass -- it has to, I have a job to do. I have work to finish, and it includes talking to, hugging on, and walking around with a little yellow mutt who simply chooses - chooses- to smile. It's not the easiest decision sometimes, but one I have to make.

Thank you Sue. Thank you Yahoo! Thank you WORLD!! (But mainly - - Thank you Jesus. Without your sense of humor and plan to give a little dog to a lady with a big mouth - - YOU ROCK!)


The trekker, agnes said...

Hi Jude,
I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia & pick up Faith's story from Google news today, thanks for sharing. & a Happy Birthday to Faith, if I were to live near to where you live, I probably will give a bottle of my DIY peanut butter, ( low sugar/low fat) to Faith, but i wonder will he want something that is different that you have given all the time. haha.
I run Faiths story in my blog,
with links to her official website. asking for your permission, i would like to use some of her photos, will link back toyour blog too.

Who's that Gamine? said...

Jude, you are awesome and Faith is so lucky to have a Mommy like you. The story about your family is inspiring- my husband called me up to tell me all about it. Please let me know if there is anything you need :)



PS- I've also posted about you on my facebook page!

michelle said...

God blessed you beyond your imagination, and we are blessed by having you share Faith with all of us. Thank YOU Jude for making it possible for Faith to carry out her mission. You both touch so many lives. Wow.

Eva said...

Hi Jude,
Would like you to know I live all the way in HK. and just now there's was faith.. on TV ( yes, saw your picture too and don't worry you look great).. and right away i found your blog. I am happy to see how you and your family reach out for faith. May God bless faith and your family and wish you are merry christmas too.
would be great if we can keep in touch, (eva)