Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods Effect

Whatever goes on with this man has absolutely NOTHING to do with the diet and/or commitment I'm on, so no, this blog won't be that much about what I'm eating today. I will say that I was a very obedient committed person and did what I'm suppose to do. That's me, I always do what I'm suppose to do -- sit here minding my own business constantly. There just seems to be a lot of stuff going around me at all times and from time to time when I stand up, no longer sitting down while minding my own business, I get hit in the fact with drama - - and lots of it. THANK GOD for Tiger Woods! The attention really isn't on me that much these days. Sorry T. That was low and I didn't need to say it - - when you wake up from your Ambiene (sp) NAP I'll apologize for real.

OK - - is it just me, or doesn't it seem like the men in Hollywood are getting more or less caught with their proverbial pants down? Listen, if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck ladies - - you can bet it has mites and scratches itself in public while wading through mud. He's A MAN!! Now, that being said I do know two men that wouldn't cheat if they were billionaires and could get away with it; my dad - - who would have to ask permission and mom would never say yes, and my son, because he....oh wait, there's my dad! My dad would simply just go to town and buy a few things and come home and ask Mom what she thought of them. I think Mom actually took out a part of Dad's brain when they got married, the part that said "Oh hey look, another woman!" She's mean like that.

I think the situation with Tiger is ugly at best, and although everyone is talking about it I just wish they'd stop -- which of course means I should stop. I think men in Hollywood are absolutely under the microscope now, and there will no doubt be a few "damage control" tactics soon being revealed wherein a man of higher expectation will come forth and make the announcement that yes he has been unfaithful to his wife, names will be named, talk will be talked, but it will be out there without being the subject of an exposure! It may be a good thing, it may draw out the truth behind so many "rumors" or "secrets" and then it will all be rolled over and discussed, but having been brave enough to come out with it rather than being caught with it - - may be the difference between keeping those endorsements. Sort of like when Michael Phelps was caught smoking weed - - so what. I'm Nike, I'm EverReady, or I'm Wheaties, I'm not going to pull a deal over it - - maybe I'll reach another group of people not usually associated with my product. However, I'm a right-sided conservative business company and I see the player(s) aren't playing the "family" game the best they could - - maybe I'll give the endorsement to someone else. Tiger will be fine - - he'll lose millions but he has more. It's not a money issue that Tiger or any of these people have to deal with - - it's age-old MORALS and integrity - - tell the truth and nothing really that bad happens. (maybe a little)

That being said, I bet the Tiger Woods Syndrome as it is being called, will be a virus infecting many men and women who will have to make the publicity call as to whether they want to tell the truth and keep the fans, or be caught taking a nap while driving, wrecking their cars, and having beautiful models beating their company car with their 3 iron - - or was it a wood? Do they even play with wood clubs now? Shows you what I know. I do know this - - if Dad ever did caught by Mom having an affair - - we'd all laugh. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US - - nope, the truth is, that one was a keeper! (and MOM can keep him. I couldn't be married to him. He's a Democrat!) LOL

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