Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Faith - - 7 is a Good Age

Faithy is 7 today, she's celebrating with her brothers and her little sister under the bed. I made them all eggs with cheese and they're just chomping away, kicking each other out of the way, and pulling on each others tails to get to the bowls that aren't their own. They're just such dogs!

We have six dogs right now. All of which are ours. We're not fostering any others at this time. When I move to Chicago I'll take Brody with me and of course Faith. She and I will have to cuddle really close to get away from the Chicago wind, but it looks like it may be as late as Spring before I get that opportunity so who knows. Brody's real name is: Sir Henry Wallace Broderick. I named him. He's a special needs little guy too -- he was dropped. The damage isn't too bad, but he's just a bit slower than most active and off-the-wall crazy Jack Russells. He's the little tri-colored dog.

We have Brody's sister Teagan, she's yellow and white - - a very normal and active Jack Russell. She belongs to Caity and will travel with Caity when we all disperse and go our separate ways. While Caity currently also owns King, and I also own Matrix, these dogs will go to live with Reuben when he comes home in January and sets up his homestead. He will have a nice backyard and will be able to take great care of the mutts given to him in love. Matrix is 10. I don't want to force him to move to Chicago where he'd be in the apartment more than outside. He's use to going in and out the backdoor at least 20 times a day if for no other reason than to say that he does. He would go crazy in a high rise.

Laura has her little Yuki mutt. He's a black Chihuahua mix with the disposition of a tiger or a big bull that has no intention of letting you in his fence. He down right adores Laura and we think he actually worships her. We love on him of course, but the instant she comes into sight, hearing, or smell, we are worthless beings in his heart. She is his world. She will of course take Yuki. For a while Laura and Reuben will be together, until such time that they both realize that they love each other but can't live together -- it's probably going to take 3-4 months.

So, all together now, the dogs are happy, laying around and playing. Soon they will be in separate houses living in California (Caity) Illinois (me) and Oklahoma (Laura & Reuben) - - it's a good birthday for Faith; one I hope she remembers and cherishes for a very long time. We think she's pretty happy - - she's still wagging the tongue anyway.


michelle said...

Happy 7th Birthday Faith! I am so happy that you were born. You are teaching me more than you will ever know. xoxo

Agatha said...

Happy Birthday to you, Faith!! God bless you and your family always, muuaaahhhhhh~~

Das Herz aus Stein said...

Happy B-day, Faith! (ok, almost a month late)

But I'd like to say: May God bless you and may you always show everyone that miracles happen.

You are very special and make people keep their faith!!!

May your family be blessed too!

Kiss & love from Brazil,