Friday, December 4, 2009

Smoothies, Yoga and Muddy Paws

What a day so far! I woke up to the wet muddy paws of an over grown puppy. King had been let out and he played a while and then when he came back into the house he immediately greeted me with his large slobbering face (St. Bernard/Dane mix) and his freshly soaked muddy paws -- he has four of them. All four of these paws were decorating my bed and corrupting my sheets and blankets while I lay there covering up my face so as to protect myself from his overt rambunctious play....and that my friends, is my alarm clock!

It really is a good thing that I have an alarm clock otherwise I'd sleep past 10 and miss out on all the fun stuff that people do in the morning. I'm going to have to start setting the electrontic type clock soon and wake up around 7:30 not only to be the one to let the dogs out, but also to go to yoga class! When I move to Chicago one of the things I really am looking forward to is yoga! Since Chicago is so freaking cold in the winter time I'll wait until it thaws a bit to join so I can get my 1.5 mile walk in before class as the class is actually held on or near DePaul University - - I'll be in Streeterville just a bit north. CAN'T WAIT

OK...and now for the update on the weight thing. I made myself a dinner last night of 6 veggies and 2 fruits. I drank it all and thought a little carbs won't hurt so I toasted a muffin too. I always toss in a little protein powder with my drinks giving me the garbanza bean boost I need to take on the world -- and you're suppose to watch the protein intake when one goes on a juice diet too. This morning I made the BEST damn smoothie I've ever made. Ready:

1 large banana
2 oz of Raspberry Goyi juice from V8 Frusion stuff
4 oz skim milk
1 heaping Tablespoon of gabanza bean protein flour powder
1 raw egg
and a little clove powder -- because I can

I blended it up and BAM - - wow, wow, wow, I'm in love, I'm in Heaven, I'm fine! Just after drinking it I thought I can't wait to do this again tomorrow. I make myself wait - - I could completely spoil me, but I won't. However, lunch is JUST around the corner and it looks like: tomatoes, zuccini, carrots, cranberries, sweet potato and 2 Granny Smith apples are on the menu - by on the menu I men IN the juicer. YES. LUCKY ME!! I'm so good to me.

And now, to bathe the dogs, wash the linens, and start all over again.

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