Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rapture / Rosh Hashanah 2013 - Yes, Please!

When I so much as mention the word "Rapture" in a conversation I am usually met with either the overt ignorant statement "God says no man knows the day or hour so we can't guess when it will happen!"  Or I'm met with head-shaking (from Christians and non-believers) who just aren't prepared for the taking out of the Church for one reason or the other. I get it - you're busy, you're not ready to give up all you've either already achieved, or the potential of what you could possibly achieve. For me...I'd rather give it all up, never attempt another project  or goal again,  and rest eternally with  Jesus, but that's just me...or maybe not.

When I began doing my research about the Rapture I realized that I had been born with a disadvantage concerning the matter. I was born a Baptist.  I was raised with ministers, pastors, brethren, preachers and teachers all telling me that no man could know the  hour or the day. It wasn't as if they understood the meaning of the very words they were repeating; to each one of them goes the credit of knowing what is written in God's word, but...and this is a BIG was a riddle more than anything. You see, God gave Israel 7 feasts (actually appointed times) that they were, as a people, to honor, observe and celebrate. Each of these appointed times had prophecies concerning their fulfillment and ultimately explaining God's  eternal plan for Israel.  The first 4 feasts (or appointed times) are in the spring of each year. The last 3 feasts are in the fall.  When Jesus was on the Earth He literally fulfilled 4 of these feasts, and they were EACH AND EVERY ONE fulfilled ON THE DAY of one of the feasts and/or appointed times...TO THE LETTER. I capitalized that for a reason - because it was and is FACT.

The four spring feasts were fulfilled at the death, burial, resurrection of Christ and then the giving of the Holy Spirit.  You can YouTube for more accurate information concerning these events.  The 5th feast is the first fall feast, and it is Rosh  Hashanah. In English is it known as the Feast of the Trumpets. (Trumpets?  Really? Aren't the believers in Christ going to be called to Heaven at the Last Trump of God?) If believers have no issues believing that they will be caught up (Hebrew word "harpazo" meaning "caught up") then why would they balk at saying it will happen at the time of Rosh Hashanah?  BECAUSE...Christians have issues with dates. You can't possibly KNOW the day or the hour...right? There is a reason for that. Out of the  7 feasts and/or appointed times, there are 6 that take place on specific dates - but ONLY one that takes place at the very crescent of the start of the new moon - - Rosh Hashanah. Because it could be this day, or the next day, NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY.  New moons are not 100% predictable - at least they weren't  in Biblical days - remember, this holy day preceded Christ!  Because the new moon celebration had to be documented and the people of Israel did not know the exact day - or the exact hour  that the new moon would show up, they couldn't say with certainty when the holy day (feast day) began.  Only the High Priest had the authority to proclaim it - - when two witnesses brought proof to him.

GOD set the moon. God knows the day and the hour it will show itself. HE alone knows the minute.  We are called to be prepared, we are commanded to look up and watch! Luke 21:28 says "When these things begin, look up! Your redemption is nigh!"  YES...what things?  We already know that too: wars, rumors of war (is there a difference? YES there is.)  Think about Syria, consider that the country is in war, and today the US is spreading rumors of going to war with that country.  We  have  never done that - - before we just went!  Think about Egypt.  Think about what is happening to the great Nile.  Ethiopia is closing up the gates to the river and it is causing more rumors of war! Think about the famines, the destruction, and how EVERY nation surrounding Israel is against her now...just like Ps.83 says will happen. IF you have time, I encourage you to look into that too,  as every nation mentioned in Ps.83 is to THE VERY LETTER of their ancient names going against Israel today - September 4, 2013.  Rosh  Hashanah is tomorrow or the next day!

COULD IT BE?  CAN IT BE?  MAYBE?   WHAT IF?  I say yes, please.  Do yourself a favor and watch this series of videos by Perry Stone: Rapture and Rosh Hashanah  (parts 1-3) and go listen to a few of J .D. Farag's Middle East Prophecy Updates on YouTube to familiarize yourself with what could very well be our last day on Earth - - unless of course, it's not. It could be that it is another year away. We may  have to go a while longer - - but there will be a day. There will be an hour - - just because we don't KNOW it now doesn't mean it isn't real.  I can't wait - - personally, I'm excited cause it means I get to be healthy again. My broken body will be replaced, and I'll be able to ride again, do backflips, and hey - - no more car payments!!  Oh, and the IRS won't call me again. LOL

I don't think the Rapture is meant to clear up our credit issues - - but I for one, will not be here to argue with anyone seeking repayment!  Nope...I'm looking forward to getting married....what? You didn't know?  Well, maybe you should do a bit of research while you have time. If you're a believer you're getting married to Christ immediately following the Rapture!  WHAT?  Yep!!  I can't think of a better eternity....It may not be this year, but I really really hope it is.

Clues that the Rapture took place and you missed it:  (1) all the children are gone  (2) all the special people on earth are gone (3) airplanes fall from the sky cause pilots were taken (4) cars go crazy on the highways and that crazy woman who won't stop talking about the, well, I'm gone too.  PLEASE...someone, feed my dogs.  If you're reading this and the Rapture hasn't happened, and maybe you're not a believer, please ask Jesus to save you.  It's not hard - - just know He will if you ask. Confess your sins, desire to change, and with your mouth ask Him to save you. PLEASE...Heaven has enough room for all of us.