Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Will Dance for Money! (Cardboard Sign)

I couldn't quite make out the sign as I drove past the girl holding it. She looked familiar to me, she was wearing clothes that allowed her to swish and sway as she leapt into air while standing on the corner of a rather busy highway. Her ankles, I could see, were covered with hemp and bead wraps, and her hair actually had homemade extensions made of wild and colorful beads as well. I drove back by just to see her again.

"Will Dance for Money" the sign read. She was happily doing so without being paid as it appeared. She was dancing, smiling, laughing, and just hoping someone would stop and give her a dollar or two. I could just see a cop pulling up and asking her if dancing was all she was planning on doing for the money - this young little sprite would no doubt hide her sign and say she wasn't soliciting, she was just having a great time on a warm and beautiful fall afternoon. As I drove by I used my right hand to dig around in my spacious purse for a few bills that could be reached easily. I could manage to find them, fold them, and pull them out of my purse while I drove, and I could also keep an eye on the traffic light, judging when it would be turning red or amber so I could slow down to pay the tiny dancer.

As I slowed my car to the edge of her domain I wasn't the least bit surprised to see her recognize what it was that I was doing. My window came down and she could clearly see my hand extended with cash. The child jumped to her feet, shimmied up to my car and gladly grasped my extended hand with both of hers. I could see (and hear) at that point, that her hands and wrists were amply supplied with bells, and little bobbles to shake and make extra tidbits of noise. She thanked me warmly. She greeted me with a friendly kiss and then I was blessed to hear her say to me "Mom, thank you! You are so sweet to come back so many times to help me. Can I have the car later on, I think I have enough gas money now!"

At least she's ambitious! How could I say no?

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