Friday, October 5, 2007

BBQ Bevo! Go Sooners!

No vegetarians need apply at this point. (I love you guys, I really do, I have one of you living with me, but this weekend we're hoping to serve BEEF!)

This weekend is the OU/Texas weekend, and I have to tell you - with last week's nail biting and exhaustively penalized game in Colorado, our boys (and Bob) are probably glad to be out from the mountains and the altitude that quite possibly cost them the National Championship ring. This week, we're on the home front, well - Dallas, not exactly the home front, but so much closer to the breathable air, the red-dirt tactics, and the smell of roasting BEEEEEEEF - Longhorn style! We're looking for a good game. We're looking for a win too - something we were quite used to up until the nasty referees in Colorado decided our catch wasn't a catch, which set up a long drive for the Buffalos - which resulted in a short field goal, and of course...our loss. Just because I'm mean, just because I hate losing, I drove straight to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings and ordered two boats! ATE THEM ALL and I'm not a wings fan - but it made me feel sooo much better. You can't really go out and eat up a bunch of Sooners even if you had a mind to. You can, and I will, BBQ a piece of steak in honor of the it Bevo!

My prediction? Oh...let's see; we lost to Colorado, a team that always shows up for us. Texas lost to Kansas State who seems to like to smack us from time to time too - we're evenly matched, equally manned and well - we're playing in the middle so that everyone can really feel as if they have a bit of that home field advantage. One of the things we do when we go to the game is take a bit of dirt from the North side of the Red River to pour under our feet - sometimes on the field if we can get close enough - just you be that much closer to home. I think we'll win this one. I think it will be a great, exciting, punch-my-friend-in-the-ribs-for-doubting-us kind of close, and I think it will be fun for anyone who isn't a fan. We, the fans, both the Sooners and the Longhorn fans, we don't like close - we don't like tight. We don't like give-and-take games, but that is my prediction.

With one of the best defenses in the country on our side, and one of the best on theirs it would appear that we'll have a lower scoring game. I just hope at the end of the game - less than 25 hours from now, that that scoreboard is lit up in Crimson and Cream! OU 24 Texas 13

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