Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Two-Legged Mutt! I Love it!

Faith has been so blessed to have been the subject of so many websites and articles about her courage, strength and of course her faith in herself. She is NOT alone folks! Here is the website (just e-mailed to me) from a man in France who found it and felt heart led to share it with me. I don't know the owners of this particular wonder, but she is an amazing dog like Faith. Unlike Faith this puppy (named Sugar) has front legs and no back legs. I see this occurring in many dogs actually, it's not rare - just a bit uncommon. Dogs without backlegs can survive very well with the help of the wheelchairs and/or carts you'll see in the video which I have attached. (just cut and paste)

Sugar has adapted so well, and so naturally that you wouldn't know she was walking without her backlegs. She doesn't always want or use her cart, she jumps and plays with other animals like any other dog - even more gentle with cats than most. She's seen in the video literally mouthing a little kitten and taking it back to her bed to nose and love on it. I was touched by how much she resembled Faith in many ways not only in sight. She has the same sweet face, the same gentle way about her that invites people and animals to play with her. To be honest, Sugar seems much more approachable than Faith as Faith seems to shy at first and cotton up to strangers a little later, after she's had time to sniff around and be sure that she won't be hurt. Faith, like Sugar, can't run away as fast as other dogs - so there's a little wiggle room on the hugging and grabbing. But they both smile and love from the heart.

Can you imagine if we were asked to be so adaptable. Some of us are. Our soldiers are asked to put their lives on the line every day for us. Officers of the law, firemen, anyone in protective services could, at any moment, be faced with the real expectation of having to deal with the loss of limbs; and of course, you and I could be the victim of an accident or illness that would require us to make life challenging and changing decisions about what we would do to survive and to thrive. Well, I hope, and I pray that nothing like that ever happens to us - but if it does, there is hope. There are at least 200 examples of animals online without all four legs and there is a wonderful site for humans who have lost limbs, or who were born without limbs. It is: a site dedicated to helping and supporting humans (and yes, Faith joined) who are amputees.

Please visit these two listed sites, the website for Less Than Four as well as the video for Sugar! Here is the link again:

You'll be so happy! You can't help but smile and say blessings for those you love.

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