Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To Pay or Not to Pay (Ebay) - Question!

When you're sitting there minding your own business; as I do so often, and someone writes you to remind you that you haven't made a payment on something you didn't buy, nor did you authorize someone else to buy - do you pay it? That's a good question. I'm being bombarded today by a manic woman in Australia who is insistant that I purhased, or agreed to purchase a couple of ladies tops. Tops, I might add are adorable, and I may very well purchase them just because I think I'd like them, but I wonder - did she (or someone she knows) actually use my account information to bid on "like" things that I have purchased in the past?

I'm not without integrity, I'm actually full of morals really, and if I had bid or purchased the items in question I would have known first of all, and I would have paid for them through paypal immediately! The fact that she is writing to say that I haven't paid is a red flag for me. I always pay immediately, and I always use paypal. So, this bit of information (as well as other well defined evidence) proves to me anyway, that I am being set up. I still may purchase the tops, they are adorable, but I won't use my paypal to do it. I think if I did the woman (or someone she knows) may be able to dig the numbers up and use them at will - thus causing an endless flow of merchandise arriving at my door that I not only love but would have a hard time returning since they come from so far away - and I'm sure the seller would insist that each time I had actually been the bidder.

What I find to be odd is the behavior of the woman. She's written to me daily, and she's berating me, constantly attacking my ethics, my integrity, and what she says is my duty. (Keep in mind she's all up in the air over less than $12.00 - and I even offered to 1. Pay for the relisting, and 2. change my passwords) She's going on and on about this, and I can't help but think she's a cyber grifter - a con, but I won't SAY she is, as I don't want to accuse. What to do? What would you do? I thought I would pay for the first item, and let her know that I would never again pay for something I didn't purchase. I will change my passwords of course, and I will be sure to pay her through other means, not through PayPal. know, if it had been something really ugly, or something that didn't fit (such as the Chicago Cubs Ladies' Medium top that I really really really wanted, and it couldn't fit my size 00 kid properly) I would have said NO straight out, but I'm telling you, if she is a grifter, she does her homework. I may hire her to do my interior decorating too - if she feels I have enough integrity to do so!

Hey - Ebay sellers, don't believe every bid these days. If someone can hack into mine they can hack into anyone's, and you may be left in the cold without payment. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, the buyers really do tell the truth! I make it a habit to ONLY buy from sellers who have sold more than 200 items and have 99% positive feedback. Just cuts down on .....what's that....ohhhhhh, I like this. Pretty! Oops, no the seller hasn't sold anything else. Nope, not going to happen! Move on, move on.

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