Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pulpy Juice For Me

YES YES YES - - pulpy juice for me. You know I'm the one at the grocery store pushing back the pulp free orange juice and looking for the country style, or the pulp juice. That's me. There are more like me too, more than you think! The details are in the pulp people!!

In the photos you see several things to intrigue you I'm sure. I forgot to add the tomatoes! I'm so sorry. I did actually throw in a Roma tomato this morning with the carrot and sweet potato juice. You see the apple and nectarine - they went in too! It was a party, let me tell you. We danced. Me, the cup, the juicer, the veggies - - we had a little thing going on, and Kirk Whalum was there too; well, in my ears. Most of the time I'm connected to one of my iPods. (To make things simple I have several iPods with different types of music in them so I don't have to search for the music I want that day. Four 4Gb ipods beat a 16Gb if you think about it.)

Back to the juice! I wanted to get rid of some of the things in my refrigerator this morning and juicing or making bread is the only way to accomplish that. With bread you want the mushy gushy zucchini or the over the top ripe bananas but this morning the only things I could find that needed to be thrown out to the possums in my backyard or into my juicer were: tomatoes and apples. I just HAPPENED to have carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries and nectarines hanging around. I'm saving the blueberries for bread next week if I don't use them all up in my nightly yogurt. I think I'm beginning to show a pattern...I need to re-evaluate. Mix it up!

What you do (and what I do) is wash everything first, cut it up, blend it in the juicer and then because I'm serious about the way my heart beats on a regular basis, I pour in a little liquid life - flaxseed oil. I'll add a link here from the University of Maryland and show you what they have to say about flaxseed oil: Basically, flaxseed is a member of the Fatty Acid family like Omega 3. You know about them - they hang out in fish and you're suppose to have it now. Flaxseed oil is best in the liquid form if you're going to add it to juice. Some people cook with it too - replacing their extra virgin olive oil. (They even make flaxseed meal which I add to flour for everything)

Drinking the pulpy stuff makes sense. I don't skin my veggies before I put them in the juicer - so the pulp is 90% or more from the skins and that's where the best nutrients are. Why did our mothers cut off the skins when we were kids? Makes no sense at all - - eat that skin! Since we're on the subject, if I had a baby now the poor thing would be one of those healthy freaks. I'd make my own baby food with the baby food juicer thing - - get one if you're a new mommy - - seriously. OK, so what does this particular juice do for you? Let's break it down:

Carrots: carotene - cancer fighting and more
Tomatoes: energy giver, cancer fighting (prostate and liver mostly)
(I don't have a prostate, but I love my liver where it is now)
Sweet potatoes: energy, anti-oxidants and helps curb diabetes
Apples: please, apples just simply save your life we know that
Nectarines: heart health, general balance, fiber, and again cancer fighter.

Wow - - this make me want another cup. Be right back!

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