Sunday, August 9, 2009

A King Sized Mess!

I should have taken pictures of the dog when he came into the house a few minutes ago. He had been outside just being a dog, and as I usually say "A quiet puppy is a naughty puppy". Well, my words rang true again -- as I opened the back door to let King into the house he brought with him a couple of pounds of muddy feet, and a towel he had drug out from the laundry room door that he had been using obviously to soak as much muddy water up as possible. I wasn't thinking "quick grab the camera!" I was thinking "Oh my GOSH - - stop King, STOP!" The end result is good. This story ends well.

For months now I have been trying to rethink every issue and to become a more open and positive person. When you do this, when you let God know you're open for suggestions in the patience and positive realms He brings you plenty of interesting events with which to practice. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, laugh!

First things first: I threw the wet heaping mess of a wasted torn up towel into the backyard for now. I'll deal with it in the morning. Secondly, I got the mutt into the bathroom where the tub could be of better assistance than a water hose as it was the water hose that caused the mess in the first place. My neighbor kid decided to turn his on and play in it; apparently my backyard runs a bit slanted to his. I didn't know that - - King was delighted to find out that fact. Very delighted indeed.

Rather than trying to fill up the tub I just ran the shower - - and what seemed like several minutes went by before the blackest water on the face of the earth was out of my bathtub and down the drain. King just sat there - - what a good dog. He loves the bath tub, loves the shower, loves the toilet, it doesn't matter, he'll stick his foot in it if there's water pooling. I really didn't know a dog would try to fit himself into a toilet, but this one does try. He'll be 8 months old in about a week and this is the first time I've had him near more water than just the bath. I may need to take the dog to the lake and just see what happens. Maybe he'll be one of those rescue dogs and save the people who go too far out - - maybe he'll lose a few trying to play with them on the way back.

The event took a total of four new clean towels including the one I had to use to get the rest of the dirt and hair out of the tub. I counted four Swiffer sheets (and yes, I use both sides) but my floors are clean again. I'm not touching the towel in the backyard. No, I think I'll wait for trash day and just count it as a loss. Poor King, his new toy may be on its way to the city dump! Look on the bright side, I still have several more shoes he hasn't found in the closet - - maybe he'll find a way to trick me and be at peace again gnawing on a pair of Toms. Maybe I won't be so positive if he does -- maybe God will have to just forgive me!

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