Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dog Joys

One of the things I really love about my dogs is the way they just all get along. King is right up in Faith's face all the time trying to kiss her and she has decided to let him. It took a while; there were moments Faith really just wanted to bite the nose that nuzzled her. King can be a bit aggressive with the love-sharing.

The sun broke over the trees this morning and shared its forceful smile - - but I had nothing to do with it. Sort of like Faith with King's imposing nose, I pushed my face as far into the pillow as I could and I pretended the Sun was the Moon as I tried to recall the last long minute of sleep left in my eyes. That didn't last very long - - nope; my own nose gave me alert that there was something quite amiss in my bed! Sure I had felt the pressure of the springs in the mattress give way as King and his 75 pound body plopped and flopped around me, but WHOA that smell! He had to have been rolling in something dead - - should I call a cute detective to come and investigate? No, wait, maybe I should stop this blog right now and call the man....would he come over to my place, perhaps inspect my bed for something interesting? Is NYC out of his jurisdiction if it's a dream? (I think I slipped back into that long last minute again)

Laura had let King and her dog Yuki in from playing outside. I could hear Laura in the bathroom with the shower running. I could hear her scolding her little black dog, and I could hear Yuki's yapping laugh calling back to King as if to say "Hey, I'm getting a bath!" That was all it took! Now the 75 pound stinking dog was flopping himself over my body on his way to the tub - - have you ever showered with a couple of dogs in your pajamas? It's a GREAT way to start your morning! Drag your kid into the tub with you and you've got a heck of a party! LOL

Matrix and Faith are much more clever of course, both of them are so far under the bed right now - - I won't be able to bathe either of them until I get some help from the kids to literally move the beds - - very clever dogs!

Now that I'm up and writing - - I'm thinking I may have to go out and find out where the dogs were playing and what they were playing in. If I think I have even the smallest opportunity to call in a certain detectve (no names please)...I am so on that! Oh, what I mean is I would be so on him - - I mean, I would so do that - him, it, whatever....I think I need another shower.

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