Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love My Job!

You know, sometimes you get up and you get dressed and go to work and nothing cool happens. You just work, or drink your coffee hoping that someone comes into the office to make the day jump. Actually, with my new job I'm the one jumping. I get up earlier and earlier, and I find myself not even putting my makeup on. I just want to get out the door and go to work! I love this place. I love my new job. Not only am I working for and with two of the greatest guys - - they're filmmakers. We're making the movie "FAITH" or "Sgt. Faith" and we're in the middle of the prep work now. We'll start the production in a couple more months.

Denton Blane Everett is our leading man for this film. He's standing in our office in the top shot holding the award given to him by the Trail Dance Film Festival this year for "BEST ACTOR"! The film was another film that my guys made. Timber Creek Production,LLC is the name of our production company. They finished "Rockabilly Baby" before I came into town and took over the Consulting Producer role. Denton played the lead in this film as well, and his character literally POPS on stage. You'll see his fire, you'll feel his compassion in "Rockabilly Baby", then you get to see and feel him in "FAITH" as a wounded American solider. Faith, my dog Faith, plays the leading female role - - as herself of course. Denton's character was created with several men in mind. He's already working out to get his upper body in shape to play the role - - it's hard to roll yourself, lift yourself, and to be without legs for too long. (Think Lt. Dan, then drop that thought and think Monte Miller! Denton has other issues and he is NOT Lt. Dan Taylor.)

As I'm writing this blog Ken and Buck are meeting with a military expert and going over language, terms, situations, scenarios, and weapons we'll be using in the movie. Neither Denton nor I have been in the military, we're learning this from scratch! I can't tell you how much more I appreciate our military when you stop and consider the mental aspect of it as well as the physical requirements and drains. Denton's going to need those extra pounds Ken and I are talking him into...just to provide the muscle to haul the dog around and push himself up the ramps. (I'm bringing my video, I have a feeling there are going to be a few really really good bloopers for the Special Features DVD!) LOL

Check out Denton Blane Everett on and the trailer with him playing the role of Baby Boy Watkins in "Rockabilly Baby" at

He's a hottie. I don't mind saying it - - I could look at him all day...can't wait til I get to. Oh, and then there's Todd Farr too! Yes, it is true, I love my job. I love my job, I love my job!!!

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