Monday, February 16, 2009

King Leon!

Welcome the world of Jude Stringfellow.

I was just sitting at my desk the other day, minding my own business; because that is what I do. I mind my own business you know. I was typing, reading, answering phones calls, just being the producer that I am here at Timber Creek Productions in Gainesville, Texas, when my Executive Producer Buck Stienke informed me that he wanted me to attend the Board of Directors meeting for the local animal shelter called Noah's Ark. Buck is on the Board, and he wanted to show me what it was all about - - seems he had a plan. I was of course part of that plan. Buck wants me on the Board - and I can only imagine it would be because I'm such a great producer!

Can you see me laughing? I'm a marketer. I market. I find money for people. I do wish I could spin my wheels and find money for myself from time to time, but I'm so darn busy finding money for everyone else you see. It was decided that I would go to the meeting and after I fell in love with the idea I would be introduced to the group as their new Marketing Director. I think we're holding off until next month to make it official.

The Noah's Ark Animal Center had a birthday celebration on Friday the 13th at the shelter, and of course Faith was invited. Not only was Faith invited, but I was invited and my daughter Caity was invited, and that's the big mistake I made...I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where there are dogs to be adopted. I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where there are dogs to be adopted and I will be named the Marketing Director soon. I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where dogs are being adopted, where I will be on the Board soon, and everyone there knew I couldn't possibly say no to them asking me to adopt a dog or a cat! Given my options I was stuck!

Naturally Caity decided on the largest dog in the facility...correction, in the state of Texas.

Caity picked up this 11 pound dog whose eyes are as blue as the sky. His body screams of being a very very large breed, his face and markings are identical to those of Beethoven the St. Bernard, and the intake papers only confirm my thoughts of him being a mega-mutt...yes, we will have the biggest dog in the county soon. At 8 weeks he is currently 11 pounds and already rather floppy and bumbly, he's incredibly observant and has a mind of his own when it comes to sharing anything that hits the floor that resembles food. Poor Rupert will be stepped on.

We'll be taking our new monster, I mean puppy, who Caity has aptly named for King Leonidas from the movie "300" - - to therapy school, obedience training school, and to PetSmart every single week in order to train him to be polite and courteous. He'll be trained under very strict guidelines soon so that he will become a military therapy dog - - and we'll have him helping injured soldiers to stand up from a sitting position, or to sit from a standing position. Something tells me that plan will be a ways off - - if he starts that practice now the poor soldiers will be on their faces with a big furry dog licking them to death, trying to get to the dinner before they can. We've got plans for this blue eyed beauty!

So, maybe being on the Board wasn't such a bad idea - - I get to do what I do, I can force Caity to volunteer (when I say "force" I'm caught laughing, as if I could stop her. She's out there already - - rolling around in puppies) at the shelter. I can have my pick of all the dogs I want - - please stop me God, please, please, please!

I know when I get to Heaven there will be a big back yard just outside my house. I have no doubt that every unadoptable dog will be waiting for me too. I tell you, God just won't let up! (Thank you, Jesus)

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