Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yes, as a Matter of Fact - - I DO Get My Way

I spend a great deal of time explaining to people why (exactly) that I get nearly everything I want in life. They just don't understand why I'm so happy and yet, I'm not really rich in terms of having a bunch of money. My normal response to anyone asking me why I don't meditate and ask God for money is this "I'm OK without it, you should see how great I am working and living on nothing!" My desires are MY desires. Money, because it is necessary, is something I pray about, I ask for the daily bread and there are times when I ask for a bit of a bigger piece of that loaf. I'm not really money driven. I'm more of the joy-filled type, you know us, we're the ones smiling when the world seems to be crashing down around us. I remember being in the hospital after a complication presented itself during a very routine gall bladder surgery - - the nurses were in stitches too. I kept them that way. It was my healing!

When I say, and almost boast, that I get what I want I MEAN IT. I have taken the word of God very seriously at times and when He makes a promise about MY HEART'S DESIRE (not yours) I listen. I can count at least 5 verses that are dedicated to that one thing - - my answered prayer. It just makes sense to me that either God is or He is NOT real. He either IS or He is NOT making promises, and if He is, then He's either telling the truth...or all of it could be called into question. SO, with that in mind - - I choose to believe in His honesty, in His faithfulness, and His abilities to do whatever He promises me He'll do...and get this: I just have to ask. I don't have to beg. I don't have to keep asking either. I just need to be real and sincere - - OH, and then believe it. I have to believe that the gift, the desire will be delivered. So yeah, as a matter of FACT I do get what I want!

During my meditations I have been known to completely zone out while listening to earth drums, flutes, maybe a few ethnic chants just pouring my mind into a very very spiritual place. I pray with rocks in my hand and that just cracks some people us when they see me rocking out...hahahaa...prayer humor...sorry. I hold rocks for a reason. I don't worship them, no way, I use them to worship. See, the same Bible that promised me the desires of my true soul and heart also tells me that if, if, if, I forget to praise Jesus that the rocks themselves will do it for me! I believe that too. I don't ever want those rocks talking because I didn't - - don't get me wrong, they can feel free to join in with me while praising God, but to forget to thank Him, forgetaboutit! Ain't happening!

What do I want? I'm there. I do want more - - and in the right time, that too will be mine. I'll have to put the rocks down to hold it, but he won't mind. Some things just take a little more time that's all. Make NO mistake - - I do get what I want! (Thank you Jesus!)

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