Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a While

OK....we have been working on the movie "FAITH" and getting the script just right. The men working on the script are my Executive Producer Buck Stienke and my Director Ken Farmer (Seen with Denton and the statue for Best Actor) I can't tell you how great they are. You'll have to see it for yourself when you pick up your ticket next year and see the movie in theatres all around the world. This movie has already been talked about, written about, discussed and even in some cases lied about - - (You know who you are, Eric!) LOL So that must mean we're doing our job huh?

Ken and Buck celebrated this past week with a GIANT boost as their first film "Rockabilly Baby" starring Denton Blane Everett, Todd Farr, and Brandi Price, took Audience Choice at the Trail Dance Film Festival. Denton took home the coveted Best Actor..there were 84 films at the festival!

Of course you know by now that Tanker will be playing the part of Faith in the movie. He'll have to be a little puppy without arms, so it's really a good thing that Tanker is actually a little puppy that was born without his front arms! We're adopting his little fuzzy mutt body soon - - and I can't wait. He's fat, fluffy, rolling around, scooting, and crying like the baby that he is. I'm sure he'll fit right in. I Googled him the other day and the thought occurred to me that not every one is able to Google their own dog. They should be able to. Here's what you do; you sign up on and you write out stories about your beloved mutt - - then in a few days you start Googling and there you go -- your dog is on the internet. If your dog is like any of my dogs they'll be picked up by another blogger, talked about, photos will be shared and instantly you're the mom or the dad of an internet celebrity! Just like that!

Faith and Matrix are quite used to it. Rupert has a little bit of an edge still - - can't figure out what all the fuss is about. Little Tanker won't know that this isn't the norm. He'll have cameras and people buzzing around him all of his life. I'm planning on taking him to work with me every day - - since I'm a producer for film company it stands to reason that he'll become quite used to the noise, the buzz, the people, the lights, the action, and all the glory of moving sets around for hours waiting for that one 30 second shot - - and of course the hot actors! Oh yes, we wouldn't do this job without the hotties!! Enter Todd Farr and Denton Blane Everett and Jodie Moore! You know, Brandi Price is cute too, but she's a girl -- all girl. She's about nine feet tall too, so she scares me! Not really. I'm kidding...stop Brandi, I'm kidding..AAAAHHHHHH!

Well, here you go - - my first blog in a week or more. I'm not making excuses I've been working on the script, driving back and forth from my former home in Oklahoma to my new home in Gainesville, Texas where the shirts I wear will still be as crimson as they ever were...Boomer Sooner. You can't cross into Texas without feeling the change of air, the generosity of the people, and the immediate knowledge that as a Sooner fan you're outnumbered...nevertheless, if you only drink bottled water that hasn't been opened you won't be sucked into the Longhorn Fan Club. All is well!

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