Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hypnosis - Mind Bending

I'll try to write this blog during the mp3 hypnosis session going on inside of my ears. According to the man in my head I'm feeling every cell of my body, I'm being instructed to take a slow breath. I feel my muscles relaxing and I am in complete control of every thought I choose to have - wow, I love these tapes. Interestingly, I'm actually hearing better, my memory is more clear, and apparently I'm optimistic and dynamic too.....and did you know that exercise charges my body and my mind, I can do anything!

While noticing that my iPod was way under loaded I decided to find free downloads to fill up several gigs of memory. I already have more than 2000 songs and 2000 photos on the thing - yes, those 2000 include a few of Gary, I'm not stingy - I put photos of everything I love: houses, rooms in houses that are wonderfully decorated. Wait, I'm suppose to take a deep and slow breath again - I am now wide awake, and I am aware of my thoughts. OK, where was I? Oh yes, the iPod.

OK, I have pictures of animals doing silly things, landscapes, waterscapes, my kids, my friends, me, I have pictures of nothingness - space, can't beat a great nebula! God is so super cool - wait...I'm hearing oceans now. I have an urge to cast a line out there but not really - I don't want to catch anything, I just like the waves. I like the dolphins...why is it always dolphins? I think it's because we hear them better than we do the whales, but the bin aural beats of the bells in this tape tell me specifically to listen for the whales - the secrets are in their voices. Next time I tell someone I hear voices they'd better understand where I'm coming from.

Prosperity, weight loss, it doesn't matter, whatever you want you can find it online and it's free if you know where to look. I have been studying the Secret, the Law of Attraction, and working hand in hand with the principles behind mind over matter, but you know, you can get caught up in these things and spend a lot of money on meditation tapes and CDs with those all important bin aural beats that do all the mind work - the moaning, the pressing of the mind impressions telling me to think constantly over and over again about whatever it is that I am truly desiring - is it really this powerful? Does a certain man need to know he's being mind-stalked? Is that even a word? (OK, but more importantly, is it illegal? Can the man get a paper to stop me from thinking really great thoughts involving him and all this deep and slow breathing I'm doing right now?) LOL

Water, crashing crashing, wave over waver, lowly bells, lowly tones, relaxing - oh, and now a voice, a low thumping voice seems like it's coming from the black rocks just under the tide - I'm suppose to think now, hold on - there we go....I'm fine. I got this thing from and really it's worth the free trial - I'm sure I'll be buying the program soon...if nothing else I'm finally seeing myself in my ideal weight and hey - according to the black rocks calling to me, that's OK..that's what I'm suppose to be doing....and now I'm wide awake again....thanks. This is good.

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