Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sebastian Maniscalco Doesn't Have Faith

You can make fun of people, you can make fun of animals, you can make fun of just about anything -- after all, that's the message behind the First Amendment right? WRONG. There are limitations, there are taboos, there are things you simply don't do because it would be WRONG to do it. One of those things - Mr. Maniscalco, is to make fun of a little dog without front legs and to do so in such a manner that she's put down in front of a live and potentially influential audience. I don't know where he was performing, but Sebastian Maniscalco has a YouTube out there where he spends about 3 1/2 minutes of time making fun, and otherwise hurting the image, the message, and the spirit of my dog Faith and her message of love, strength, encouragement, and well - FAITH. It's quite apparent by his actions that he can't really get a laugh without dragging on someone else - his whole monologue consisted of put downs and hurtful words.

I was a stand up comedian for years. Did I make fun, or poke fun at people? Heck yes! But in good fun, in good humor, in a way that made me just as vulnerable, and I invited the audience to go down that path of humility with me - not leaving it out in the open to burn, scar, hurt, mame, or otherwise just be ugly about someone - in this case, something. My dog Faith. Maniscalco's YouTube served one purpose - to make him look good. It DID NOT WORK. From the comments left you can see that he touched on something he should NOT have. He needs to apologize publicly and in a very very meaningful way - to do that he will need to go through my attorney at this point. I tried to reach him but to no avail. Seems he was too busy to talk to me, claiming his First Amendment rights were in tact...think again! You still can't slander someone, and he did - not Faith, ME.

So, yes, I am ordinarily easy to get along with, I'm the best friend to most, but baby - you step on my kid, or you step on my dog - and I will BITE YOU MYSELF - Hell hath no fury as a woman who has been scorned Mr. Maniscalco - The sad thing is, Faith would accept you Mr. Maniscalco for what and who you are. Funny, you have arms and you can't use them to hug, you have to point and be ugly about it. I pity you. I really do. I pity you.

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