Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dublin Dog Collars

Oh, have your heard about this? Dublin Dog is a great new company owned and operated out of North Carolina - its creator and operator is Jason Watson. I call him the Boss Man now, as Faith and I are a part of his effort to spread the word to as many people as we can about how great Dublin Dog collars are. Faith wouldn't use anything else! These collars are like - well, perfect! You can't get them dirty. We had fun last week trying. I took Faith to the duck pond and let her go. She ran into the water, got all mucky-dirty-gooey-gross from not only the mud in the water and on the shoreline, but you know what ducks do on the sand and dirt! They poo.

Faith was knee deep in the water, chasing, grabbing, fishing if you will for the bobbing and "ducking" ducks - but the collar stayed clean. I mean, it had mud all over it, but when I took it off of her and washed it with just the water from the hose, it got clean again. I imagine you may have to occasionally break out the detergent or something, but the best thing is - the collar didn't smell like swamp water. I let my friend's two year old chew on another collar (without the buckle) for a few hours just to see if it would tear - WAIT, did you think I meant a kid? No, she has a pit-mix and he absolutely loved the new chew strip. I may have to buy another collar for Faith to chew on too. I don't think you can destroy these things. They'll be around with the cockroaches in the year 3030. We'll be gone - but science will have proven by then that dogs in the year 2007 used to walk upright! They'll find Faith's remains with a Dublin Dog collar around her neck, and they'll swear that all dogs walked upright -without the technology to run our DVDs and modern devices, children will begin to believe that all dogs were bi-pedal in the year 3030...and they'll celebrate nearly 1000 years of using the same collars for the dogs that were in their family tree - having had them passed down to them over the many generations!

OK, maybe I'm going too far with the credit I should be giving to Dublin Dog, but you should be so lucky as to own one! Oh, wait, that's their slogan - "You Should Be So Lucky" - you can find them online of course, just google, or go to www.dublindog.com and order (I don't know, 10) give them as Christmas gifts and your friends will love you. No one else makes or sells this type of collar - you'll be special!

Thanks Jason.

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