Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ozzy Sees a Little Faith for Himself!

It is OFFICIAL - Ozzy Osbourne (and his wonderful and beautiful family) have had the distinct pleasure of having met my dog Faith, and of course, my daughter Laura. Laura was laughing when she called me to tell me about Ozzy's reaction - she said, and I quote "Yes, he cussed. He said 'What the f*#k is that thing?' but he was joking, and laughing, and having a great time with her Mom. I was so afraid that Faith was going to bite him because he was just like Rick Springfield, he was so happy to see her." But, as it turns out, God was gracious, and my puppy did not bite the Master of Darkness - is that his title now? I can't keep up. He seems like the sweetest man actually - all of his past somewhat notwithstanding, I imagine most of his image is exactly that - an image. Faith doesn't care about those things, she loves good people - dogs and kids - they know! Ozzy passed the sniff test! He must be awesome.

Laura said that she and Kelly weren't able to talk too much, but that they were able to laugh a little at Ozzy and his reaction, I'm sure the girls will be spending a bit more time together as the tour progresses - Laura, being a singer, will no doubt want to exchange a few chords and words with Kelly and be happy to hear anything new that she's producing - Laura's second release comes out soon on just in case you're wanting to hear more. She recorded "She Will Be Loved", originally recorded by the Maroon 5. Laura's version is not for sale, but for showcasing her gritty and sultry vocals - rather good actually...but I'm biased, I have to be, it's my job as the Mom.

So, the first date is almost over, the bands love my dog, the Master of the shows loves my dog, they think Laura's pretty cute too - and she is. I hope the future shows prove to be as rewarding for the millions who will be attending, they have been bringing out their cells to take pictures of Faith and Laura, signs are popping up on MySpace and YouTube about them - soon a few videos will proclaim that Faith has gone completely metal and you'll see CGI videos of my dog body surfing over the crowds - don't believe a second of it - Laura maybe, but Faith wouldn't allow such a thing - she's a bit shy in reality. Most people are surprised not only by her size (some say she's bigger, some say she's smaller than they thought) but everyone should know by now that she prefers girls - so, Sharon, Kelly - you're cool 24/7/365 - Poor Jack and Ozzy will have to be accepted each and every time I'm afraid - thanks for the invite guys, Laura is having the time of her life!

Props to you Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack.

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