Saturday, July 21, 2007

OK - You Got Me! Harry Marries Ginny!

No, I didn't read the book any sooner than you did, but if I had I would have had an historic reason to do so - I'm a...well, I'm an Oklahoma Sooner to the core. You may or may not know how that works, but it involves a time-scheduled event, one that couldn't be broken, if it were broken it would be .... well, bad ... and the Sooners did that! We, THEY, got to their land SOONER than they were suppose to. I am not one of them this time - but it was fun to play with the big bad spoiler fiends and throw out a few predictions of my own. All of my predictions were wrong of course, with the exception of one, Harry doesn't die - it's been a day, you could have found that out without me being your spoiler this time.

So, Harry marries Ginny. Snogging, lots of hand holding, some touching even - this book got sort of intimate, what is she 15? JK - is this appropriate behavior in the Weasley's own home? Krum must have wanted in the action too this time around, we see him - I want to be the old batty aunt Auntie Muriel in the 7th movie! I want to be her, or the professor that was found hanging upside down in the beginning - over the table of at the meeting of the Death Eaters. I could so do that part - and then I could even brag to everyone that I really was a professor at Hogwarts ... until I was eaten by a snake, which in itself is ironic since I own big snakes and keep any rats that I end up socializing with because I can't live-feed them if I know the rat personally! I'm just kind-hearted, I suppose.

Oh, and did you die when you read the names of the kids? Hermie and Ronny have two children, OK, Rose is not that bad - I have a student I love with that name, she is one of the best young poets out there - HUGO? I understand Harry and Ginny naming their children what they named their children, and I loved the way the older one really gave the younger brother hell this first year - but I will say this, I was baffled beyond compare to come to the realization that Neville Longbottom was a girl, and that he/she .....OK, I'm kidding, just teasing you to see if you had read the books or not - you have, I'm sorry - I love Neville. I actually wanted him to become the boy-wonder wizard and have it all be a mistake. I wanted Voldemort to accidentally reveal his identity as Dumbledore's son, I wanted Rita Skeeter to end up in the arms of Percy in a really good scandal for Luna to break in her dad's paper - that didn't happen...but it would have turned a few heads - don't you think?

While I was at the Barnes & Noble party (Memorial and May) I found a man sitting on the floor in front of the stack of my own books (With a Little Faith 2nd Ed.) and I asked him to either move so that people could see the books, or he had to hawk them. I was kidding. He knew I was kidding, but he was adorable! He said he read my blog every day and he knew exactly who I was. He was actually driving to Phoenix to see Ozzfest because he had relatives there and it was a reunion, and I gave him the numbers of the managers so he could get a couple of passes and see my daughter and Faith. By the end of the night the 12 books that B/N had on their shelves were all sold - I even autographed a couple when he led the buyers to me! I was face-painting a kid once and had to wash my hands first, but it was cool! Faith couldn't make it, it would have been her 3rd HP book party, but she had a great time where she was in San Bernadino!!

In the end JK pulled it off, but the epilogue could have been 14-16 pages longer, a bit more, just a bit more. We needed more - Oh, there's a sequel? Fine, I can do that. So, no more Harry Potter OK? I said ... No more Harry Potter, can you not hear me? Was your ear cursed off too? (hahaha, just a little inside joke) Great job for a while.

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