Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crimson or Orange? What's best for the Season? LOL LOL LOL

Oh, I make myself laugh sometimes. I do it just because it releases the nervous tension. The nervous tension I had BEFORE the game started that is - - the OU/OSU game that is...Bedlam. There is only ONE other game we Sooners really get all tensed up and scared about and since we barely came out of Texas with our pride stomped on with a 14-13 loss to the Texas Longhorns, the Oklahoma State Cowboys was the last of the nerve-ending games. No worries...we got this one.

EIGHT years is it now? EIGHT years in a row I think we've beat the Cowboys, but I'd have to look that up, I lost count and wouldn't want to be overstating it if it's only 6 or 7. I know last year it was a mere 61-41 win. We only beat the Pokes by 20. THIS YEAR - - well, we shut them up, I mean, we shut them out....27 to what? Oh yes, to! I should try to rein that in a bit before I get my tongue chopped off by a few of my really good friends wearing wilted colors up in Stillwater tonight. Sorry guys, we may not have beat Texas Tech like you did, but we beat the snot out of you today - - even with the 1 hour first quarter where the referees weren't sure which side of I-40 they were closer to. OH, and before you say a damn thing about DeMarco Murray's fly-in leap to the make the first touchdown, I want it on record that I said it wasn't a touchdown! I wanted it reviewed, I wanted it replayed, because I can't stand all the whining about it later on...but since we beat you by 27 - - no worries.

Thanksgiving is OVER....Christmas is brainer on the title question. Should we be wearing Orange? NO. No way - - CRIMSON baby! Another full 365 days of bragging our faces off to any and every Oklahoma State University alumni, current student, faculty, or just someone silly enough to show up wearing something with Pistol Pete on it. I think it would have been hilarious if the Norman police had arrested the mascot for shooting off his guns in the city limits! That would have been so funny - - and probably been worth the ticket price! Oh wait, the SCORE was more than worth the ticket price!! 27-0...say what? YES, 27 points Oklahoma, ZERO for Oklahoma State. Or as Jeannie's daughter Julie put it "Shut out means SHUT UP!"

Wow, I really should stop before I upset the others living in my house. We have a house divided you see; something I swore wouldn't happen. When the girls enrolled in Oklahoma State University in 2007 I kicked them out. They lived ON THEIR OWN. We don't do the house divided thing. Sooners live in this place....there's a sign on the door just in case you weren't sure. SOONERS LIVE IN THIS HOUSE! The sign should read "Don't even think about ringing the door bell if the game is on" but I don't have that sign. I have the one that says "SOONERS LIVE IN THIS HOUSE!" but I guess now I can add "WINNERS LIVE IN THIS HOUSE"....what do you think? No? Oh, you're only saying that because you either wear orange, or you aren't from the .... the SOONER, did you see that, it's not the COWBOY state, it's Oklahoma, the SOONER State..yes. LOL couldn't resist.

My daughters dropped out of school in 2008, but they'll go back in 2010 and they'll be Cowboys again...I don't know why. Oklahoma has a far better medical program. I suppose they won't be going into medicine. It's the only thing I can think of. Laura will get her B.A. in Business Management, and Caity in Business Finance. They'll be rich and I'll say thank you for letting me off the hook that much earlier! BUT...and I mean this, I hope they don't try to get football scholarships because they can't play very well. Wait a minute, they don't have to play well to get one at Oklahoma State do they? Sorry, my bad.

LOVE YOU guys up that way - - you know, up NORTH, in Good luck next year. There's always next year. Looking forward to it!! You'll recognize me, I'll be wearing CRIMSON with 90,000 of my closest friends. I call dibs for first in line at Starbucks!!!

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