Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dropping Those Brats Like Hot Potatoes! LOL

Maybe it was the $733.00 phone bill. Maybe it was the fact that I've walked over, stepped over, fallen over,and swam through more than my fair share of unfinished laundry in the hall, the bathroom, the living room, the laundry room, and Caity's room. Or maybe, just maybe it was the 3,897th animal that made its way through the front door -- not counting the 9 field mice we caught this week with traps. (sigh)

Whatever the reason - - I DROPPED my girls like hot potatoes and I don't even think I'll say I'm sorry. Nope, not going to say it. (OK, maybe a little, teeny-weeny bit)

The envelope was innocent enough, but inside it was a monster! $733 dollars for a little over 1 month's bill with U.S. Cellular, a company I have been faithfully paying hundreds of dollars to monthly. The girls were asked, no they were told, that we were on a family plan, that Reuben helped pay for it, that they had certain amount of minutes, and certain amount of texting and/or pix texting. I think we had the unlimited regular texting due to Caity's penchant for texting more than 5000 messages a month (of record) -- when she's not sleeping (and maybe when she is) she's texting. The pix text is what did it this time; and the overage minutes. It would be fair to say that I was within MY limits -- I always try to be good that way -- but the brat, I mean, the baby, little baby Caity, JUST DOESN'T GET IT....she's not thick headed, she just doesn't care! Only one way to stop her - - cut her loose.

Tough love? OK - - or survival.

I asked U.S. Cellular to cancel my account 100% and not to allow Caity and/or Laura (Poor Laura, in trouble by association) to be added onto my account again. Something tells me Laura will have a phone next month, and Caity will be borrowing mine and/or Laura's to text her life away - - I have limited texting, so I'll have to either hide the phone or upgrade; I'm thinking I'm just going to move to Chicago and be done with her. I told her she couldn't follow me - - the building I'm moving to will have secured access - - she tried to make me feel bad by claiming to become homeless and standing outside my building with a sign that reads "My Mother Lives Here and Refuses To Help Me". I told her the flip side of the cardboard should read "Even Though She Helped Me for 19 Years and Gave Me Too Much" - - to which she added that the next cardboard piece would read "But She's My Mom So She Has To Help"....Chicago can get pretty cold in the winter. I'll buy her an extra pair of socks.

I used to call Reuben "Little Eagle" when I would make him make decisions even though I was standing there with him. I'd say "Little Eagle, make up your mind" So now he's just "The Eagle" and says it was the best thing I ever did for him. He's all about kicking the brats out - - even though he's taking Laura in with him. She works and contributes to the world at large - - Caity is....well, she's Caity.

What I predict will happen will be similar to a person standing too close to the curb when the bus comes by and splashes a cold wave of water over them for being too silly to back off -- it usually only takes ONE TIME before they seem to see the bus coming and stand back just a bit...that's my Caity!! ALL WET and cold will be the one thing that gets through to her - - she'll land on her feet. She's amazing.

The best thing for my kids - maybe not your kids - - is to move away!! The big ONE bedroom apartment way way up in a secured building in the snow, in the ice, in the wind......maybe by Spring the kid will get it! I'm sure she will. Besides, I'm a sucker, I'm helping her get herself started in a little strip mall jewelry store in Los Angeles. I'm not really really really dropping her. I'm just - - running away as fast as I can.

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