Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I Won't Miss

OF COURSE I'm going to miss the stuffings out of my baby girs. I didn't misspell that, I call my daughters "girs" because Laura called herself one when she was 2. My girs are the best of the best of the best in the world - - but thank GOD and all things Holy, I am leaving them far far behind and going to Chicagoland! They need this as much as I do.

I decided to make a long list of all the things I won't miss when I move. It just seemed more positive and upbeat than all the things I may miss -- so here we go. I hope you can relate - - but don't judge OK? Thanks.

I won't miss messy rooms - girls sleeping til past 2:00 p.m., not getting up and helping me clean, not getting up and helping me pay bills, not getting up and at least mowing the lawn. Laura (in her defense) is now working, but when she's not working she's sleeping. I don't remember my mother being so kind - - but I'd rather let them sleep than fight with them at this point. Too many (too many) years of fighting has led me to the exodus in the first place. They love me, I love them, let's leave it at that.

I won't miss the trash not being emptied, the dishes not being moved from their room to the kitchen. I won't miss putting my shoes up on top of the table so the dog can't get them. King likes to chew! I won't miss the farting, the constant farting - I won't miss it. We have too many dogs. I won't miss their music, their anime, the way they steal my computer - my wallet coming up short (Caity) and I won't miss the drink and food concoctions being created at 2:30 a.m. but left out and in the open for the new kitchen mice to sample - LAURA.

I won't miss the laundry piling up, the dust, or the needless books and/or additional shoe collections. I won't miss the couch being covered in sheets and then having to wash the sheets daily because Oklahoma is muddy and dogs are dogs. I won't miss the area I live in much - - the Walmart, the drivers who don't know what YELLOW means, or how to actually STOP at the red light. I won't miss the lawn needing to be mowed, or the back fence needing to be fixed - - currently the landlord has a bed frame up against the gate to hold it in place (are you KIDDING ME?) I laugh sometimes as to what is acceptable to some; but it's not my house.

I won't miss having ONE car and three people that have to be here, then there, and back here again. I'm the only one allowed to drive the car as it belongs to my Dad and he doesn't (for some strange reason) trust Caity to drive the car. She has a license! I say let the brat drive, it would eliminate some of my stress -- but until I pay for the Pontiac I must obey the Pop! I won't miss the car either, I'm giving it up to Caity just as soon as the plane takes off!! GOOD BYE POP and G'Ma! I LOVE YOU...I will miss my parents, they're actually perfect people.

I won't miss the utility companies - in Chicago my bills are paid with the rent! YEA! I won't miss the wasps that fly in just because I want fresh air. I'll be on the 27th floor in Chicago - - I think that's high enough to avoid wasps. LOL I won't miss the hungry opossum outside that insists that I feed him or he'll tell his buddies. I missed feeding him one night and he stood at the door smiling - - if you've never seen a possum smile you aren't missing much, it's ugly. I only feed him because he's 200 years old at least and can't see to leave the yard. The dogs just watch him, they never actually engage him. He squeaks they bark, it's over.

I won't miss the tiny laundry room where I have to stand on a step to open or close the dryer door. I won't miss the banker that still asks me for my ID after she's seen me 1000 times and even borrows sugar and baking soda from me. What's up with that? I won't miss much actually - - I have a very good life here in Oklahoma. I love my kids, I love the dogs, I love the state - - but it is time to go. It's time to kick the birds out of the nest and if they won't fly, it's time to fly myself and let them sit back scratching their heads and wondering about it....oh wait, no worries, Reuben gets Laura and 3 of the 6 dogs. Caity's moving out with friends in California with another mutt (Teagan) so I guess all is well as long as Reuben doesn't end up hating me. He shouldn't, I'm giving him Laura not Caity - - yep, all should be OK.

I may need to alert ARNOLD that she's coming -- I can do that.

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Chris F. said...

Have a safe move to Chicago. I am anxious to check out the city next year and meet with some friends. Maybe we can get together for a facebook dinner or something along those lines :)