Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Are Best Friends For?

So, you go through life and you have friends - - people you meet and have fun with. Maybe you have something in common with them and you just sort of stick with them through something and that sort of brings you closer to each other right? Well, let's start with Matt Clark. Matt is actually Spc. Matthew Clark and he's Reuben's been friend - - they met in the Army; which is really cool when you're old and someone asks "How did you guys meet anyway?". Matt is a little younger than Reuben, not too much, but they have a thousand things in common like football, gun-talk, cars, being crazy, snow sledding on trashcan lids or little kiddie-pools. They've been through a damn war together, but in reality, when they were both in Iraq they were separated for nearly a full year! WOW....that was one good reunion. The slopes of Alaska are in trouble again as it's already snowing and the boys are stocking up on toys together. Come December my son returns to me, but because of their love for each other, I have TWO sons in the Army now! (and a beautiful daughter in law too, because Matt got married to Brit this year just before Valentine's!)

What if your best friend outweighs you by say 10x? Say you're an 8 pound cat and your best friend is an 80+ pound St. Bernard mix? There could be some benefits to that I suppose. My best friend (Jeannie, seen with her hubby Darren below) can't put my entire head in her mouth and there's no way I'm letting her sleep on top of me every night. I mean, I love the woman, but no. Essie is the cat we were fostering and when she and King met in June it was love at first hiss...for King. It took a little while for Essie to realize that the mammoth was only growing bigger and that she'd probably better become his friend at 30 pounds before things completely got out of hand. For King, he was certain they would hit it off. So certain his idea of surrendering to the feline was to roll over her time and time again to let her know he really and truly felt something for her. Cat's don't really have bones so it worked out OK. Essie is gone - - but King has fond memories of his little buddy I'm sure.

Oh yes, then there's bestie bestie! She's been my buddy since August 22, 1977. That was the first day of my sophomore year and her Sr. year in high school. She's not really that much older than me, I started late and she was very young going into the first grade. She didn't have to go to kindergarten, I did, it started up in our state the year I was suppose to go to first; so we may have ended up just one grade apart - - but I digress.

Jeannie's best friend Karen was friends with my best friend Jen and the first real day of classes that hot August day found those two, Karen and Jen, running around looking for their lockers and classes leaving Jeannie and I completely alone with each other. I had on a Bee Gee t-shirt. She liked Barry, I liked Maurice, we agreed to be best friends. It doesn't take much when you're thrown together I suppose.

Since that day I'd say we have agreed on 3 things. The Bee Gees being one of them. Then there's OU football, and we both like Taco Bueno over Taco Bell. Other than that we are polar opposites. Jeannie loves rap and hip-hop music also, I'm in to jazz and Celtic world music. Jeannie is a left-wing Democrat and I'm a moderate Republican. I drive like a grandma she drives like a 14 year old without a clue. She won't even tell me how many tickets she's gotten because she knows my FACE...the FACE. She's into fashion, makeup, and all the girlie things -- I climb trees and catch tadpoles...but I do show them to her. She acts amused. Oh, there is something else - - we like the Zoo.

I guess my point is, that Matt and Reuben are being separated soon. Essie and King are now no longer a part of each others lives, and as I prepare to move to Enemy Territory (Texas), I know that I will be separated from my bestie bestie too - - and that makes me sad. The only thing I can think of to tell her that I love the heck out of her, and no, she still can't drive when she comes to visit. That's just not going to happen. My car, I drive....but I do love her.

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