Monday, October 5, 2009

"FAITH" the Definitive Book

Some dogs spend all their waking hours under the bed and just hope they don't get bothered by puppies - - Faith does that too, when she's not working.

The thing about Faith is that she's so wonderful, so amazing, so incredible that allowing her to be under the bed all day seems out of character to some of those that know her as the super-hero, mega-heart-healing miracle that she is. The truth is, as you'll soon be able to read about in our new definitive book (working title) "FAITH"...that she's anything you need her to be. She can be a dog, she can be a nurse, she can be a pastor, a warden. She can be your best friend, she can be your buddy or just someone you see from a distance and realize that they have their life pulled together and you needed that glimpse of a really put-together soul to get your own life kick-started. Faith is ...well, she's just about EVERYTHING but to be honest, to tell the truth, her ordinary dogness is the most extraordinary thing to most people who meet her.

The book focuses on what Faith isn't. She tells the story from her point of view, so there's no way she's going to refer to herself as anything but a two-legged dog in a four-legged world. She'll tell you that she gets to fly first class on American Airlines and that she goes to hospitals to see soldiers and kids. She's going to tell you about the time she got kicked off the White House lawn, but see - - Faith doesn't realize she was kicked off. She was just talking to a squirrel on the other side of the fence and didn't have clue-one that you weren't allowed to stick your yellow nose through the gate to do it - - police were everywhere! We met them all! Now, she will also tell you have bored she was while it took those police 45 minutes to move us off the premises because several Congressmen and women wanted to have their picture taken with her when word spread throughout the halls of the nation's capital that she was outside breaching security!

Because we're just in the infantile stages of writing this book I won't tell you too much. I will tell you this: We've asked several dignitaries and some celebrities to write little blurbs about the times they met Faith, what her message means to them, and how her story impacts them personally. NFL great Vince Papale was asked today if he'd consider writing a word or two -- we think he will. We have great commitments from some already. We have a famous writer, a wonderful TV hostess who cried the first time she saw Faith in person and a rock star that screamed like a girl when he met her at the airport. We've also asked a couple of soldiers who Faith had the greater privilege of knowing when we visited them in Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at another base hospital on the West Coast. (Those are the REAL rock stars!) Yep, this book will certainly make a big splash - - to be really keen, I'll even go so far as to say it will walk upright on it's OWN TWO LEGS. (had to do it!) LOL

What the book doesn't promise is to be truthful - - dogs don't get every detail straight; too busy being humble you know. What I will promise is laughter, tears, a few untold secrets about what a dog really thinks when we're not looking, and what Faith looks forward to most. Why the words "Let's Go" get her so excited - - I'll give you a hint: it means she's about to kiss a man or woman in uniform!

It can't be easy being the world's most photographed dog. I guess a few dog days under the bed is OK when the rest of one's life is spent changing the world one heart at a time - - well, sometimes thousands at a time in her case. Look for the book to be out in about 1 year and keep up with Faith at the new Faith Train website at: We just signed on FABULOUS music composer Alan Williams ( some background music...Whoot! Whoot!

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