Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update Kids - September 2009

Let's start with the brat. She has been through it and back over the past couple of months, and believe me when I say she may never do what she did again, but she will be Caity and she will be a mess. I hope she realizes there are actually limits -- then again, perhaps she is more correct and there are none.

Caity has quit more good jobs over the past 2 months than I care to recall. Sooner or later something will stick. She'll find that niche, she'll decide to grow up, she'll get it through her little head that my money isn't her money, and she'll begin to understand what it means to pull one's own weight. Let us pray. Thank you now for your bowed heads and bended knees. I really mean that. The puppy she is holding is just ONE more that she has found to foster and love for a while. She's into that. She fattens them up and finds them homes. This one is Teagan. She's threatening to keep Teagan - - I'm on my knees right there with you, believe me.

Laura is being such a good kid -- but she has had her moments too. She's quit her good job to record her CD and right in the middle of it she and her producer got into it. Seems he thought they were dating. Nope. They were not. Now she's without a music producer and it was his studio. Oh well, not to worry, she'll wait until we move to Ft. Worth in a few weeks and pick up where she left off. The time off wasn't a total waste, she learned from it, and she has a couple of great songs in her head and in her recorder to start with. She and Caity both have been fostering animals and finding them good homes. Essie is the cat you met last summer through my Facebook -- she is now living with a family who lost their calico to cancer and she is very loved. YES!

Reuben Since Reuben returned from Iraq at the first of the month of September he's been celebrating the cooler weather in his duty station of Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. He's been celebrating the Oklahoma Sooners football teams, and he's been celebrating his best friend Matt Clark coming back to be his bunk buddy again - - for a year they were separated in the desert, each having their jobs and not being able to talk much. Pop and Grandma are happy the boy is home too. They're planning on having a great Christmas at their house this year when he is out of the Army for good. Reu has called me at all hours of the night again asking silly and strange questions about his childhood and things that just really could wait until the morning to discuss, but you know what - - I don't care. He's back from Iraq, and he's happy! Let him call. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to tell him Caity is still out and needs to be reminded by her big brother to get home NOW!

I love these guys! Thank you Jesus! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wouldn't trade a one of them...nope, not even that one. I just have to find the right buttons!

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