Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was in Hobby Lobby today, a store like Michael's Hobbies, when I got the call. MY SON REUBEN called me from an unknown number, but I always answer these because it could be him. He called for about 30 seconds to say "Mom! I'm in the U.S." Those were words of joy, prayers answered and WOW - Wow - Wow - Wow. "Mom!, I'm in the U.S." can you fully understand the impact those few words can make on a woman's heart after she hasn't heard from her baby boy in over a week - waiting for him to board a military plane to leave Iraq and make it back to what we call Stateside? I was so happy to hear him and receive those words I let out a big "Woo! YES!" inside the store, and then I shouted at the top of my voice "Hey Everybody, my son is home from Iraq!" Immediately I heard clapping and people hollering, cheering, and then they came up to me and hugged me, laughing, some crying - - my son laughing on the other end of the phone asking me where I was. "I'm in Hobby Lobby son." He laughed a little more and said "Tell them I'm OK and Iraq is where I left it." My son is home. Let me say that again; a hero has landed back inside the borders of the greatest nation in the world.

Thank you Baby Boy. I know you won't be in my arms until Christmas, but I feel you, I hear you, I know you are in America - - and that just makes a mother sing.

Thank you Jesus. Where my son has left Iraq, I hope and pray Christ never does. Hooah! I love you boy.

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