Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dream Manipulator!!

Laura was so cute; just lying in her bed sound asleep a few minutes ago. It's 2:40 p.m. so I figured she needed to get up. Rather than yell at her, shake her or cause her to be uncomfortable I decided to spray a light scented body spray over her bed and let the little tiny particles drift down to her face. You should have seen her reaction.

First she was just laying there, no change - - but within a few seconds her eye brows lifted; and then the little smile. At first it was just a little showing of her teeth. Soon a little broad grin pulled across her face and I could visually witness her eyes rolling, knocking on the back of her sockets. Three or four seconds passed and the smile disappeared. Just as I thought Laura would drift back into her deep slumber I heard a little muted sound, something like a grunt, but it was pleasant. I saw my little girl's eyes open and shift from one side to the other and she back to blink.."Mommy, I had the best dream." She stated...then she thought about it and added "Why do I smell lemons? I smell lemons! I dreamed I was in a lemon pudding mom, it was weird, I was swimming and it was really warm, and ..." she trailed off. I grinned as I held up the spritzer (citrus). I figure I can do this to all my kids every day and have them become a lot more livable!

I guess it should be noted that the kid sleeps most of her life away but I don't mind as long as she sings and dances and has a good healthy life otherwise. She eats well, poops well, and works from time to time. Perhaps in the very near future she'll get her 5'8" frame to Tokyo and sing professionally -- we're hoping she can start that part of her life next week.

To hear Laura sing online go to she was playing around with it, but she's pretty good!

I love my kids.

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