Monday, June 29, 2009

Postcards from Iraq

It can't all be fun and games in the "Sand Box". Sometimes a man (and/or woman) has to work for a living and do what is needed to be done to protect our nation from the wars that are at hand.

Here in these photos you see clearly that these four man are up to the challenge of being 100% focused on their particular duties. At times our nation's best is required to guard the most dangerous of posts including the backyards of the ally-Iraqi forces just incase a bad guy comes across the fence line and steals a pair of trousers for their own kid! In another shot you see that the Americans are completing their rosters by hiring dual citizens to act upon the nation's great need to have the Mexican-Americans of our great country represented in this war - - armed to the teeth, but ready to party at any given moment!

Reuben's friends and buddies in the war will forever be in his heart and on his mind when he leaves Iraq in just a few more weeks. He may never actually see these guys again, so taking wild and wonderful photos of them relaxing and just goofing off is a great way to remember the lighter side of war! I mean, sure you have missions and you have to blow things up, bust things down, roll over things, and keep your head down at times. Sure, you can't really change out of your uniform unless you're taking a shower and then sometimes taking a shower IN your uniform can take care of the laundry needs as well as getting clean...that makes perfect sense to me, and why not, boys will be boys... and no, I'm not forgetting the women in Iraq, it's just that there are none where Reuben is, and that sometimes leads to the strange behavior I hear about at 3:12 in the morning - - not that I can understand a word out of my son's mouth while he's scream/laughing at me, but he sends pictures to explain it, which is always good.

The kid with the little robot tinker toy thing - - not my son. My son would have built his out of bright plastic Legos and had an OU painted on the side of it. You can't see the OU on the side of his actual tank that he's popping out of to wave to the camera, but just imagine it there - - he didn't please the General, but at least the enemy knows he won't stop - won't ever stop...Boomer Sooner!

Have fun kid, I'll miss you when you go back. Send later in the day!

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