Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Intentional Prayer - Intentional Living - Powerful Stuff

When I am giving a motivational speech and I mention that I often pray with rocks, people stop me in the foyer or before I get to the foyer and ask me why. I always explain why I do this from the stage, but many people are so blown away with the statement that they fail to hear the following explanation. To be honest with you, and I always choose to be as honest as I can be, I've been praying differently for my entire existence. I was one of THOSE kids that questioned everything spiritual. I was the one that saw angels and told my mom about it. She didn't really want to explain things to me so I told my dog Rover instead. Being a Baptist growing up I was discouraged, actually told not to see them. I was told I couldn't, I was told it was wrong to try. I was told I wasn't special enough, or that God didn't do that anymore. POPPYCOCK! I knew about my personal guardian angel when I was very young. I named him Sam because he was my friend and I saw him, felt him, talked with him, conversed with him, listened to him, and he has never left me - - but there were many years that as a fool I listened to others and ignored Sam so that I wouldn't look out of place, or be called a "weirdo" by my peers. That was MY mistake.

Today I hold rocks in my hands when I pray because my Bible tells me that rocks are alive and that they will praise God if I forget to. The Bible also assures me that angels come to us in our lifetime and we don't know it, but it doesn't mean that we can't see and know them when they do reveal themselves. Rocks are conduits to the earth and to Heaven, they had to come from somewhere and I believe they came all at the same time when God said "Let there be Light". In my spirit I pray to the Lord and I do so through Christ. I don't believe I am able to pray to Him without Christ, but that is my belief, and I would not force it on another. I hold the rocks to reassure and to remind me that we each have a different and colorful purpose. Why would He make one rock this color, another one stronger, another one only to be found in certain places?

In my spiritual path and/or journey recently, I have discovered the spiral energies known as Chakra and they are all seven represented by a different color - - strangely I had these very colors in my rock collection; a collection I have been adding to for years and now know why. When we pray and think with deliberate and intentional thoughts - literally directly, and placing emphasis on a certain desire or thought, it becomes reality sooner or later. It takes time and it takes planning, but my God is an awesome God and through Ps. 37:4 ("Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of you heart")I know it to be very very true.

Just a few years back I dreamed that Faith (my dog) should be seen throughout the world, and everyone should know that a dog is important to God just as they are important to Him. I wanted the world to know the story, the message of being willing to accept help and the message of being willing to give help when it is needed. The two-fold message of my dog Faith is very real, it is very necessary, and it is very easy to grasp - - do the right thing; help someone. I find that when I make myself available to help others my soul is blessed - - I find peace.

The practice of intentional prayer is very very powerful. It begins with making sure your heart and for me, my chakra is clear. I don't want to be angry, I don't want to be unforgiving, I want to be ego-free and 100% accepting to whatever I'm suppose to do. This is not an easy thing for a woman, a Celtic woman, a Scorpio Celtic woman, but God is awesome as I say, and He was able to show me where to begin my journey - - at the first step. I prayed with rocks for years and I will never stop. I pray with honesty, and I will never stop or compromise that. I pray asking for very very (oh so very) specific things - - and I believe it has already been given. Dr. Wayne Dyer writes that we must believe and think from the end of a situation going backwards in order to understand the true essence of what it means to accept the gift that we have specifically asked for.

Journals are great to write down those specific needs and desires. I do that. I put on the incense for sensory pleasure, maybe a little zen music for the ears, but my focus is in the prayer and the intention of what it is that I desire.

I can not live for you. I can not think for you. I can not ask for you, but in this very same vein of thought - - you will never think or feel for me. In fact, trying to will only alienate you from my soul; I would rather release you as being negative energy than to argue and keep you close to me. Because I know what I have come to believe I know that I will never not believe it. What I have asked for I already have in my heart - - and this is good. Powerful? Very. Intentional? Absolutely. Freedom in our spirits is our right - - I choose to be rooted in Christianity, but that doesn't mean I don't see angels and talk to rocks...maybe you could try it.

Let's go Sam! (Psst...Sam's real name is Theonopholus)

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