Monday, June 29, 2009

Let There Be Love - R.I.P. "Cookie"

Cookie - 6 weeks old 2008

Cookie came to us because Caity had a friend whose mother's two rescue Dachshunds had babies. When people saw Cookie they just KNEW she was a registered dog, one we MUST have paid an enormous amount of money for - - nope, quite the opposite. She was a full blooded Dachshund, and she was a rare and unique colored dog as well, but she was indeed a gift. A gift of love that will forever live on in our lives and our hearts.

There are good and great people in this world, and there are evil men and woman as well. The fact remains that good will always triumph, and it has, but to be fair to our existence we must understand that trusting the wrong person can lead to heartache and even in Cookie's case, death.

My daughter and I decided that yesterday's one-year anniversary of the murder of her little dog should not be a sad event. It should only be, and always be a day of celebration, one which opens up our hearts even further each year to allow more love and more joy to be brought and shared to the world through the eyes and barks of a little yellow dog - - a baby forever. We celebrated with songs and words, we called our friends and reminded them to think of Cookie and to try to share with at least one person the facts surrounding her death, so as to keep it close to us that being vigilant and being wise is important.

A little over a year ago Caity received Cookie. She meant everything to her. When Caity refused to date a certain man, and to follow him down a path of self destruction including but not limited to doing drugs, this man chose to hurt Caity very personally - - he kidnapped our little Cookie and he killed her. To make matters worse he tormented Caity for weeks about his actions and of course we followed through with any legal action we could to prevent him from coming near us and/or being able to hurt us further. Unfortunately, Cookie's life was taken - - but her soul remains constant. Her dear sweet face and actions caught in photographs and on video. She was laid to rest at my mother and father's house along side many loved and cherished pets.

This is not a sad blog - - indeed it is an informative one. If you do nothing else today remember please that you can make decisions about who you let into your home, into your life, and into your heart. Take the extra time it takes to be sure the ones you surround yourself with are good and that they have clean hearts. Cookie's life will forever be linked to an evil act, but her soul remains free to remind us to be forgiving; she awaits us as all other passing pets do - - in a Glorious Heaven!

Rest in Eternal love and peace sweet puppy.

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