Friday, January 9, 2009


Believe me, if you called me last night or today to give me heck about the game I would be the first person to shake your hand to agree with you. JUST LIKE last year when West Virginia beat us and I passed a guy on the boardwalk on Venice Beach wearing a West Virginia hoodie - - I bought him coffee. We didn't suck last night, it wasn't that we were playing all that badly, we just didn't seem to have the heat that we have had all season long. We weren't out there losing the game on purpose - - well, except for a couple of plays that looked a bit sketchy, and I'm sure Stoops will point those out this afternoon if he hasn't already to the team.

We could go on and on about the refs, the line-judges, the fact that they didn't call holding penalties on Florida or that they didn't give the Gators penalties for moving the damn ball at the line, which they did. You don't have 11 players pointing and screaming without something going on - - but it wasn't called. We could go on and on about the first touch down which was very clearly NOT a touch down, but a butt-down on the ground, and could talk about the clipping call that wasn't called that resulted in the bobble of the ball when we were going into the end zone.

Rather than going over the game with microscopes - - let's hope the BCS realizes that you don't play a game in Florida if one of the teams is from that state. It's clearly a conflict of interest and in this case it was a loss of a National title possibly. Tebow was great, he was there, he showed up, I think he was more motivated than Sam, but it could have been because he wanted it more. I don't know. It was the 3rd time Florida has won, and OU has won 7 National titles. Maybe we went in that game thinking it was our game. Well, if that's the case, we got chomped!

It's a bit obvious to everyone when the cameras are focused 90/10 on the Florida fans, and cheerleaders, or taking sideline questions from Florida fans and/or ex-players that the media may have been a bit shouldn't be, and it wouldn't have been in say Arizona, California, Hawaii. Tickets should have been offered to the Oklahoma fans like they were to the Florida fans - - and yes, the refs should be from separate conferences. A holding call is a holding call rather it's from Oklahoma or Florida -- not calling it is wrong, and although we're rather used to it by now when we play in Florida, it still bites that they feel they have to cheat to win... I think Tebow and his crew could have done it without the refs, but we'll never know will we?

I will say this: Bob...I love you, but you should have challenged more. I'll keep you around another few years because you're the man, you're the best, and the Sooners absolutely thrive under your coaching....BUT...who in the HELL was letting #8 over that line last night? He was Sooner material, call the boy and see if he's wanting to jump ship and eat a little beef next season!

Congratulations to the Florida Gators, to Mr. & Mrs. Tebow for raising such a great kid, and to Tim - - for your courage to wear the black pads under your eyes encouraging all of us to read John 3:16. Damn the torpedoes and praise God! Next year Sooners.

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