Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Other Son Matt (Spc. Clark)

I don't say enough about my other son....Matthew Douglas Clark. I have to talk about Matty, he's getting MARRIED in a month!!

Some of you may say that I don't talk about Matt as much as I do Reuben because, well, let's face it, I'm not his real mom. I adopted Matt last year when he and Reuben met in Alaska; nevertheless he is my baby too.

Matt and Reuben are out there in the sand and wind finding better and more better ways to protect you and me from the world and what-would-be bad guys of the world. I can say this without reservations even after looking at his most recent photos, that I trust my life in Matt's hands....as long as someones watching Matt to make sure he's still standing. From what I hear he and Reuben trade off falling down laughing when they're together, so maybe I'd actually feel more comfortable putting my life in someone else's hands when those two are together. Just maybe.

Mr. Matt is getting married in a few weeks so you can see from the photos that he's been practicing what he is thinking about doing as soon as he gets back home and find that pretty bride, but what he doesn't realize is that I've posted these pictures and I've kidnapped pretty Brit so that he'll have to a least work on his form before I let her go running into his muscled up arms. WAIT....if he's here and getting married in a few weeks; whose going to be protecting ME? MY GOD, that leaves only Reuben! Do we think that's such a good idea?

Matt Clark has been achieving great and fantastic goals since he left his home in Iowa to become one of the two best looking, best acting, best performing, and best dressed soldiers in the United States Army. He's managed to survive the Arctic cold, the heat in Iraq, the spit flying from yet another First Sergeant's mouth as he/she cries out another ridiculous order before dawn has a chance to dust off its feet to stand guard over the day! He's learned to dance, he's learned to squat to pick up the soap, he's learned to load the right end of a rocket launcher, and he's lived through a few...shall we say...tests.

OK...true colors. Matt likes to show them off now and then, and from the looks of it so do his best buds and compadres...those colors would be red, white, blue, and a bit of dingy green mixed with dusty brown. That's why we love you Matt...that's why we love you....that and you helped Reuben wipe his butt when he hurt his hand last year, wow, that was going beyond the call Spc. Clark, you ARE a true friend.

Congrats on the marriage thing - - hope that soldier you're "doing" doesn't get all jealous and stuff when you come back.

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