Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pyrex Explosion - Expresses Sooners Defeat

And just like that, an explosion came out of nowhere. If I had been standing in the bedroom I would have thought it was a car coming through the wall, but it came from the back of the apartment. Maybe it was the spirit of OU descending at the same moment that West Virginia, yes the clear cut underdog, barked their way into a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl winners circle! CRRASSSHHH and then there was a smell of something really hot burning, just burning. I went outside thinking the trees that had been affected by the ice storm had broken in half. It was that loud.

Turns out the dishwasher got a little hot and the Pyrex square pan I purchased for myself to bake with at Christmas just shattered! Pyrex isn't suppose to shatter! It's suppose to be good from hot to cold. I hadn't even cooked in it for hours. It was cold, sitting outside on the cabinet 10-15 minutes before it busted...but the dishwasher; whoa! It may need to be investigated. If it's getting that hot, hot enough to splinter a well constructed tempered glass pan, it's probably hot enough to cause a fire! So, we'll just turn it off for now. You can see my DAWN liquid gel thing in the machine still - so maybe the water isn't coming out, but the heat is heating up....BAM! (Maybe the dishwasher, like the Oklahoma Sooners, is missing three very important players!)

I can't believe our guy Grainger is out shoplifting in Arizona, and got sent back! Well, of course I can believe he was sent back, but I mean, I can't believe a kid would play a fantastic season or two with the Oklahoma Sooners, a team that really stands for greatness, and then he throws it all away - for what? A coat? $100? Maybe! I can't see it....stupid is as stupid does, and well, you can't say we're not all guilty of being a little tip-headed at times, but to give up a chance at the National Championship next year, and to be a part of the greatest college tradition in the world - yes, I know we lost, but we're still the Sooners, by God, and we'll be there again, and again, and again. West Virginia is good, but it's been 19 years since they played in a bowl of that magnitude. I better not hear ONE Longhorn or ONE OSU Cowboy fan say a word about Sam and the boys - NOT ONE WORD. Our record stands! (Unfortunately, so do the flags and penalties from tonight's mishap!)

When the explosion happened I ran outside. I was looking, and looking, I didn't see anything. I thought it was a crash, boom, bang, and I couldn't see any evidence! Follow the evidence, always follow the evidence...where did I hear it? I was at the computer. Which direction did it come from? Behind me. What am I smelling? Beef? Burning beef? I don't really cook or eat much beef......OH WAIT...the girls cooked a couple of steaks, and I put their pan, the square one in the dishwasher, but didn't rinse it thoroughly because the phone rang. I was counting on the DAWN soap pad to get the grime.....BAMMMMM! You can see what it looks like! I'm just drop-jawed at the mess. I'll clean it tomorrow, but want to show it off to my 2 maintenance men. They love a great challenge, and nothing says challenge like a grimy broken jigsaw puzzle! They'll be happy - I'll bake cookies, and we'll be set with a new dishwasher.

Next week...the tub breaks! YES!...well, I can dream.

If you're wondering what I did about the fact that the Fiesta Bowl played during CSI-NY...worry not. I have two televisions. I know I could have foregone the show, but I actually love that episode (Suicide Girls). Caity wants to be one. Hope she's tall enough.

GOOOOOOO SOOONERRRRS!! (Kick them a couple of times for me Bob, and then hug them twice)

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