Sunday, January 20, 2008

Animal Wellness Magazine - Headlines Faith

Faith Healer! What a title. I love it. Thanks Animal Wellness. I have to say this is one of those fantastic interview/investigative articles that really makes a difference in the lives of both our family and those who have seen Faith in hospitals and/or military bases. Faith is truly an amazing dog.

We wanted to take this positive opportunity to thank Animal Wellness for their vision and their insight to not only ask us to be in their magazine, but also to put Faith, a two-legged dog, on their cover! You guys are really special to us. This is Faith's FIRST cover for an international magazine, and we're hoping it isn't her last. What a great inspiration to everyone to see a dog with disabilities on the front cover of anything - let alone a great magazine like Animal Wellness, a magazine that focuses on some of the special needs and characteristics of all animals. We couldn't be more proud of both Faith and the publishers. Thank you!

I also want to personally thank Randy Poff of Oklahoma City, one of the great personal photographers who has shot for us in the past. He was responsible for the Montel video footage that is seen throughout the world on YouTube. Poff is actually a photojournalist. I called him in a little panic one Sunday and asked if he could take a few shots for Animal Wellness. He didn't charge me, he didn't let me buy him and his wife dinner, nothing! His beautiful daughter Ferrin is my son's good friend, and to be honest, I think we'd both (sets of parents) be happy to see the two become closer....maybe....or is that me, dreaming again? Hey, thanks Randy!

So, when you're out and about, and you pass by the magazine with the happy little yellow dog on the cover, please buy a couple of copies. Get one for yourself, and one to give away. She's bound to make you smile. You can't help yourself. I can't tell you what all is covered in the interview, but I will say this: Faith comes out looking really good! She deserves the best! You can pick up the issue at PetCo, PetSmart, and/or online at

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I just blogged about Faith's magazine cover!

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