Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Baby Is Taller Than Me!

I turned around and it happened....my little girl grew up. She got all tall and long legged on me. I took these (and a thousand other) pictures of her in her baby doll outfits for the Japanese TV crew that is coming to Los Angeles just to see her, or rather to see and hear her. She'll be singing a very beautiful song in both Japanese and English, and their idea is to mix the English for her background vocal background. It really should be sort of cool. I know it will eventually make its way to America. It would be sort of strange to have an internationally known singer in the family - - but I would like to see America step up too. It's so hard to break into the business in this country. Everyone and their dogs .... oops, that would be me, wants to be in the spotlight! Laura deserves it. She's awwwwwesommmme.

When I think back to all the times I screamed at her to turn off the television after midnight so I could sleep, it makes me wonder if I was actually being listened to. I don't think I was. She speaks Japanese - she was training herself in the middle of the night when she watched the anime shows televised in Japanese. She'd wake up at 2:00 in the afternoon and say something to me that sounded like "Ka-Nichi-Wa" and now I know...it was hello, or how are you? Sort of like Aloha!

When Laura was four years old she would stand on top of my bed and say "I'm taller than you Mommy." I would sit on the bed and bounce her down to me and tickle her and say "But if you're taller than me I can't do this", and I would grab her and roll her around, tickle the stuffings out of her and kiss her belly button. We don't do much of that anymore, but I did kiss Caity's bare butt the other day so she could get a little extra cash on a bet! I love my girs. I don't call them girls because again, when Laura was little she couldn't say girl correctly. They are my girs.

My little one. My baby...I still have that one. Caity will forever be shorter than me....but damnit, she'll forever be thin and gorgeous too! Oh, I don't mind, I just sit back and look at her. Both my angels are incredibly talented and beyond words for describing their beauty.......gag me already, I sound like a schmooze! LOL
But Laura is pretty and she is talented, and at 5'8", she could be a model....but she one thing for sure, she's taller than me. (and her feet are bigger too...hahahaha) Good luck with the song baby gir.....Godspeed.

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